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Under Attack!? Answered

I was watching the news and all over, the weather is going overboard.  Just saw China has some extreme snow.

Even us down here are having more pronounced weather than before.  Hotter here now in summer and the rains are going absolutely crazy further up country.  Also went through extreme winds and rain awhile ago, much stronger than I can ever remember.

Is this the climate change showing itself?



Weather is a random number.

Climate is _sustained_ weather patterns over a longer period. It too has random variations -- plus a general trend since we're theoretically still coming out of the last ice age.

Demonstrating anthropic (ie, human-caused) climate change requires a much longer baseline of data than a single human's lifetime, and showing that the existing trends change in response to what humans have been doing. There is now fairly plausible evidence that this is happening, but no one year's weather by itself is provably caused by it.

Oh, so that's why it's so hard to tell if there is real climate change or just the weather shifting on the scale of averages.

So, we're not having more than we should, we're simply having more than average but still within the outliers.

Climate change has been showing itself for years.  This is just the latest in a long line of predicted effects.

(I'm not looking forward to the Gulf Stream shutting down when the Arctic ice cap melts, because it will give the UK a climate like Moscow.)

Isn't this what causes an Ice Age?  The UK and Western Europe freeze over and reflect more sun rays away.  This then causes the atmosphere to cool down more making more of Europe cool down and so on.

I think I heard this on that Al Gore movie.  Can't remember the name.

It would be relatively easy to fix that by spreading dark powder (rock dust etc) on the icefields to absorb more heat and encourage melting.

Haven't we been spreading carbon dust for long enough ;-)

Hah, no, that's carbon dioxide.

I mean simple, ground-up rock.

When the Atlantic Conveyor stops the lucky ones will be the ones who freeze right away- survival will be no holiday.

Could be.  Or it could be that we're just experiencing weather extremes just like we do every year.  Somewhere right now they are having a perfectly boring normal weather.  It doesn't prove or disprove global warming.  One reason you may be hearing about it so much is that the weather has been the subject of some meetings lately and very much in the news.

True,  I remember about 5 to 7 years back we had a water shortage in summer because of not enough rain in winter.  Now we're having floods just about everywhere but still a water shortage, this time because of not enough dams.