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Under Desk Lighting Answered

I'm getting ready to purchase a desk with frosted glass surfaces (http://www.officedepot.com/a/products/578355/Realspace-Alluna-Collection-Milk-Glass-L/) and want to add lights of some sort under one of the surfaces so that I can use part of the desk as a lightbox for sorting negatives and slides.  I'm guessing that a fluorescent fixture of some sort would be best, but I need ideas on mounting (there are rails along the front and back of the surfaces that have around a quarter-inch clearance from the rubber offsets that hold the glass), what kind of light to get and how to wire it.  Anyone have any ideas?


I'm not sure what kind of lumen output you need and what space constraints your facing but I would suggest off the shelf stuff affixed with a sturdy, yet easily removable adhesive such as your ordinary hot glue. I'm sure a quick stroll down the lighting/electrical isles of Home Depot will give you a multitude of quick and easy setups you can implement on short order.

I'd mount a tube on the legs. Buy a full fitting for ceiling-mounting (i.e. with the metal box), and look at brackets / pipe clamps.
For the wiring wire + plug. You might want to add a switch, but like the light, buy one with a box for mounting to the structure of a building.