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Undercabinet LED lights from 110v source Answered

Ever since i moved into my current home I have wanted to put in under-cabinet lights in the kitchen. Its a small kitchen but the current fluorescent lights are just not giving me the light I'd like.  Powering the LEDs is my only concern.

There are two under-cabinet areas each with one type of florescent light fixture with a normal 110v power line running into each light directly from a small hole in the wall (all hidden of course under the cabinets). There is no power outlet associated with these two lights. There is one outlet along the wall but I would not like to use this if possible as it powers the kitchen appliances, and it would show the power cord from the lights (Id love for these new LEDs to remain hidden.)

I understand to use a 110v source I would need a LED transformer of some kind, I have seen these for sale, but I do not have an outlet that this transformer can plug into.
Like this: http://www.ledstrips8.com/20-singlechip-smd3528-waterproof-aluminum-shell-rigid-led-light-p-118.html
Is there a way to connect a type of transformer to this direct 110v line? Would I splice the plug off the end of the transformer and just crimp it to the 110v source from the wall? 
Like the end of this transformer: http://www.ledstrips8.com/led-power-supply-110220v-ac-to-12v-dcindoor-use-p-70.html

m currently at work but if pictures help I can upload them later. Thanks!


Ikea stock a variety of kits that would work for you (search your country's ikea website for "led strips").

You could run the cable up the wall, into the cupboard (where you would hide the transformer), and then out the bottom of the cupboard to the strip.

Only thing I'd add is to make sure your splice in a junction box. Its a lot safer. http://homerepair.about.com/od/electricalrepair/ss/elec_box_ltg_8.htm.

You can, its like installing a regular light or ceiling fan.
Just cut the 110V wire leading to the fluorescent lights and then spice it to the plug part of the LED transformer.
You will need something like this to connect the wires together for the 110V side.

If you get a drill you can run the cable to the transformer inside the cabinet so you can have the transformer sitting in the cabinet so it wont be seen.