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"Unemployed Mom's Tip on Teeth Whitening" - TOTAL SCAM ! Answered

  The ad for supposed free trial offer of the two teeth whitening products by the so-called unemployed mom is a total scam & rip-off !  Not only will you be charged unauthorized from them but, also by other companies who are given your financial information. I am working with my bank right now after closing my account to get money back if possible.  Do not trust any of those lying criminals!



I've seen that advert. Never really bought the hype tho. But phishing scam ads should be at least recommended for banning from the site if they appear in the future. It would be bad for business so to speak. But yea, usually adverts promising something too good to be true mean bad news, so stray away from them.

Don't leave your e-mail on the internet, like a dog leaving something on the pavement - it is liable to attract stuff. Then, if you don't know that you are probably the type of person who would throw money at this sort of thing...
Do learn from this, letting others know is welcome (whether we would do or not).


Yeah lemonie's right, technically somebody can do what they call "fingering" (it's not what you think-your disgusting) somebody using their email and get their social security number.

It's junk-mail I was thinking of (like swarms of flies)


I don't know how, I just know it's possible. Though yeah, that wouldn't be great either :)

How is e-mail connected to social security numbers where you live (different country to me I believe)?


Oh, and I live in the United States, is that a different country than you're in?

Haha, that reminded me of Scotty (from Star Trek)   :)

Who was Canadian. Have you seen the Futurama episode "Where no fan has gone before"? - he isn't in it (everyone else is).


I have no idea. Again, I don't know how they do it.

ok, point taken and email address removed. As far as the kind of person I am: I am one who does sometimes make mistakes.  I was in a very big hurry that day (which is no excuse) and simply failed to check this out first.  I am also the kind of person who know better now.     

We all know a bit better, it was good to share the experience.


You know, I have no idea what advert you are talking about.

Has it been on this site?

Yep. Appears to the right if you're not logged in, half the time.

  Yes, the one that says "$500 White Teeth For $4" 

Ah, so pro-ness has saved my bank account.

That, and regular brushing...

Thanks for the warning.