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Unexpected error of Corel Draw file? Answered

Today, when I was working with a file in Corel and wanted to close it, I got an error "out of memory".
Then I tried to do the same with other Corel files and have not got any error.
I think that the problem is not in memory, because with the other small files everything is fine and my computer has 8GB memory.
I tried to work with this file on another computer and there is the same problem arose.
I tried to remove Corel x5 and installed it again but it did not solve the problem.
Can you help me? Is there any chance that the file somehow can be corrupted, even though I worked in it?

Thank you very much.



Best Answer 2 years ago

I also
suggest emptying the windows %temp% folder, and check that you have plenty of
free space on the drive that provides virtual memory.

Also you
have either used a corrupted font in your job or have it installed on your
system. You can confirm by converting entire text in the file to curves and
then try collecting for output.

Also, there is still a good option to take
advantage of any recovery program. I can advise CorelDraw
Recovery Toolboxfor recover
corel draw x5 corrupt file https://www.oemailrecovery.com/coreldraw_recovery.html


2 years ago

Interesting, I used this software one time, it was effective.


2 years ago

thanks for the help. but I did not succeed. if there are any ideas still?


2 years ago

As a suspicious of software type, I would make several copies of that file under different names and try to find if a virus got into it by several other draw programs and file examiners..