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Unicycling Answered

I'm thinking about making an isntructable on how to unicycle, but don't want to waste my time if you guys wouldn't be interested...opinions?


oh! I've been spending the past year on and off trying to learn! PLEASE MAKE AN INSTRUCTABLE!

Along with the handlebars, the rest of the frame, gears, chain, brakes, etc. Plus, since you can't coast on a uni, it builds more muscle.

Why can't you coast? Yes, I know it doesn't have the free-wheel doodad in the hub, but why not? If you're using your unicycle to commute and not do tricks (I've seen people on commuter trains with unicycles, far easier to deal with than bicycles), what's wrong with being able to free-wheel? Or have I just given somebody an idea for an Instructable?

Because the pedals are directly attached to the wheel...so if the wheel wants to spin, the pedals have to as well.

Theoretically, is there anything stopping you welding a set of pedals onto the ends of a free-wheel hub and using that in a unicycle?

Yeah, in that set-up you have no deceleration control. You go until you have to jump off.

Maybe a hand-held squeezie thing, connected via the same cabling as a normal bike brake?

. Due to the 1:1 gear ratio, unicycles don't go fast enough to really need brakes. It'd be like putting brakes on a tricycle or Hot Wheel.

But if you could coast, as kitman is suggesting, you'd be able to go faster.

. Good point. You'd still need some way to lock the hub/pedal so you could back pedal when stopped. I guess you could keep going around in little circles instead of pedaling back and forth.

Could a brake act at the hub? Instead of squeezing the trigger and calipers grip the rim, could you squeeze the trigger and the free-wheel locks?

. Hmmmmm. Never seen that done, but I don't see why not. I've seen 3-speed bikes that had a cable/chain running into the center of the axle to shift a set of gears in the hub. Should be able to rig up something similar to lock/unlock. Put a small lever under the lip of the seat so you don't have to hold something in your hand.

. Oh no! That won't work - the pedals will be in the way.

Run the cable down the frame (forks?) to the hub, between wheel and pedal.

. All the ones I've seen went through the center of the axle.

Are you telling it can't be done? This is Instructables!

LOL - ah, well, it was a nice idea while it lasted.

Weissensteinburg - still do the How To Unicycle Instructable, we'll have to wait for Nacho to crack the free-wheel lock problem...

. Oh no. I'm not saying it can't be done, just that it is beyond my meager capabilities as a Mechanical Engineer. If they can cram a 3-speed mechanism in a bicycle hub, they ought to be able to do the same to a freewheel mechanism.

Wait, what about just a flexible frame? You could squeeze it together and it'd put pressure on the wheels to act as a break?

Then how does it support you? ..Plus, if you stop pedaling, you'll fall, most likely.

Not like jello-flexible. But less than what they use now. But... I thought this is for a costing-enabled unicycle?

I think that if you were coasting it would be hard to balance. Even more so if you're trying to squeeze the frame.

. Nope, but you'll fall over when you stop, since you can't back-pedal.

If You want, I don't have a unicycle though.

You could make an instructable on how to MAKE a unicyle


10 years ago

Yes, PLEASE! I'm in the process of learning and can use all the help I can get!

ya i would totaly like to know how to unicycle but I have not got one yet.

Stealer. I'm in the works on how to make a similar instructable!

Yeah, I started on only the basic stuff, such as getting on the unicycle, how to ride it using the principle of an inverted pendulum, stalling, and tricks.

Want to collaborate? I have everything written, but I didn't include the pendulum, or tricks, and my stalling step is really bad.

Yeah dude that would be shweet, I wanna get one

I love to unicycle! I got mine for X-MAS a few years ago, and have been impressing my friends ever since!

Even if there is no immediate interest on the site, there must be somebody, somewhere who wants to know, and when they google for "how to ride a unicycle", up pops your instructable.