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Unique Needle Nose Pliers! Answered

Does anyone know anything about these pliers? Are they old? Are they possibly commemorative?  They are very interesting to me and I sure would like to know more about them.  Any thoughts?



6 years ago

What does the info on the handle say?

It says "Drop Forged Steel". However, I also saw something I thought was rather curious. If you hold the pliers flat in front on you and look inside the handle on the right, it has "Drop Forged Steel" with the words right side up, but, keeping them in the same position, if you look inside the left handle, those words are upside down. You have to turn them over for it to be right side up!!

Thats because they are actually the same side. One is just flipped over...... I think

Not sure what you are saying. Both sides are marked with the same thing but one side is inverted. My point is simply that it seems like a unique way of marking it. It is obviously a way to have the markings readable no matter how they are laying.

What I'm saying is, each handle is the same and one is flipped around for them to be assembled.

I have similar ones that used to be my grandfather's, they have a little different markings and a spring. Mine were made in the Soviet Union around 1960-1970.

Thanks for your responses. I appreciate your thoughts. Hopefully someone can provide some concrete details in the near future.

:-) I assume so as they were my fathers.

Although not massively valuable, they are lovely.

I like using old, used tools - there's a history, a link with Makers of the past, because many years of skill have flowed through the tool.

Treasure them, use them.

I have a similar pair with the same markings. I guess mines are circa 1040;s

"circa 1040's"

no doubt fashioned by the same iron smith? ;-)

yes, I know, 1940s.

\I was going to answer with a similar time period. 30s or 40s.

FTR, the ornamentation isn't just for looks, it's also for improving the grip, like cross-hatching does for machined part..