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Unique Ride? Share Discriptions and Pictures Here Answered

This forum is for discussing the current mods on your car, ideas for customizing your car, and pictures of the changes if you have them on you. This forum will also discuss any and all changes to your car that you had a part in (having someone else do it doesn't count).


I'm going to do some underbody lights on my Dodge Ram 2500 van for the led contest.

If you are going to do LEDs check out this site I used for my interior lights Oznium.

I was going to to make them myself.

I was expecting you to, they also have single LEDs you can buy in bulk along with transistors or buy prewired led strips (waterproof). If you are going to do underbody I would suggest prewired strips that are waterproof. If they aren't waterproof then they may short out and all your trouble would be for nothing. Or by "make" did you mean you were going to create the individual LEDs from scratch?

I use leds I got from a stoplight, formica for boards, and then I'm sealing them (make plastic cases). You'll see soon enough.

Silicone sealant will easily seal them up while letting light out, it may be easier than creating a case for them.

Do I hear: Clear hot glue ? :-)

i can never find clear drying hot glue, its always whitish grey but semi translucent. but its only .99 for a stick...

If you use hot glue you will need an awful large amount considering the average led strip for under a car consists of 2x 6 feet strands and 2x 4 foot strands.

Ok, bad idea....that might get a wee bit expensive...

So can underbody car kits. By the way, are you stalking me? If you are you should check out my new instructable, my first one in fact. It's in the group Xbox 360.

Hmm ? Stalking ? No, just opening the most recent posts coming up, and I guess at the moment you are posting most :-) (not to be confused with Post Toasties)

Sorry, when I start to get tired here at work, I tend to get silly....so since we are speaking of cereal and not parallel...... :-)

have you taken a look at my first instructable? I'm so proud of my son...err....Xbox controller...

Wait a minute, you're at work....and...not....working???

Breaks, "backup" sit time, programs running sit time, etc. As long as I am not doing something offensive, they don't mind (and as long as I get all the night's processing done, along with fixing whatever breaks or alarms). :-)

I thought that's what everyone does now... :-/

. Don't know how unique it is, but I have a ;67 Mustang with '68 front fenders. :)


Other then install a bull horn / megaphone to a former car, about the only thing I ever modded on an auto was to make and install a fake Alarm blinky. It was a bit tricky as I didn't want it to drain my battery in the winter; And CMOS runs on 5 v. (and with an old car, comes an old battery). :-)

I recently put 2 sets of red cold cathodes under my front two seats in my 93 Toyota Camry so that the floors glow red at night when I'm going to school and back from work. Unfortunately if you drive a Camry, you have little if no chance to look good. I also installed a new receiver. It replaced a broken cassette player. It's iPod compatible.