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Universal stepper motor controller Answered

I wanted to create a universal stepper driver that is capable of driving a stepper of 250w rating at 20A current and a load voltage of 12V . Does anybody have an idea of how to go about it ? . Please do guide me if you have any ideas .  Also this drive should be capable of being used for bipolar as well as universal stepper motors.


Too many varieties of stepper motors to make a generic controller.

In that case all I can think of would be to use existing shematics, search them and to try to replace the power transistors with something that has a rating to match your needs.

Be aware that this can include modifying the actual logic as well so the transistors can switch properly.

Not 100% sure if mosfets would be used for such such high powers as I never had to build anything within this power range, I always opted for geared motors to compensate for the troque I needed.
Sorry that I can't help further.

thanks for the suggestion. the reason i'm required to build such a driver is for a project as part of my engineering course . Any help will be greatly appreciated so i can move forward with designing this driver .

Sadly I have to agree here.

In this power range building your own driver is still possible but depending on your application it will be easier and cheaper to buy a preofessional solution instead.

For example upgrade kits for a milling machine or CNC router, although I have never seen them for more than 10 amps.
Can I ask why you need so much power? Usually a gear box is used for more torque and to keep the power levels controllable.

That is asking a lot. Probably best to buy rather than try to build one.