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Universally compatible ipod video size? Answered

Hey again- while working on itunes and ripping our DVD library to ipods (using handbrake), i had the entire library created with the screen size for a 5g ipod nano. I recently got an Ipod touch 4g with retina display- so I have been re-ripping the library for the larger screen. Now i have copies of High and low quality videos (because some in our family still use nanos), so is there a setting for videos that looks good on retina displays, but can be played on a nano too? so that i could only use one copy at a time (having 2 copies is increasing my library size a lot more than i would like)
I am on a mac- use handbrake for DVD ripping but would be fine using other freeware :)



Best Answer 8 years ago

Doesn't the nano support video files that fit on the retina display? Realistically you want the native resolution for each, utilizing the most appropriate amount of space on the portable storage while unfortunately having 2 copies on the computer side.


Answer 8 years ago

tried using universal in handbrake, and limiting file size to 1gb (to save some space). Graphics are pretty good on retina (not stellar, but its because i limited it), and play fine on ipod nano.


a good size Would be 240x320 works great for all devices except when you enlarge on a computer it becomes VERY VERY PIXILATED