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Unknown fear in parkour?? Answered

     Okay, my sicheeaytion is this:
     I'm practicing for parkour, and I practice my vaults and rolls by jumping off of my porch. The rail is very easy to go over, and it really isn't that high. About 6 feet. I was leaping off of it like crazy, not getting hurt. But within, oh, 17 hours or so, I was always stopping mid jump, just as I was going over the rail. I always put my foot down, stopping myself.  I've tried all of the tips, like motivation, visualization, and believing. I don't even think of the bad outcomes that are possible. But every time, I stop.

    What is happening??????    



Best Answer 8 years ago

You have jumpus interuptus.

Try counting down to 1 as you jump.  

4 (step)
3 (step)
2 (step)
1 (lift off)

like in music.

black hole

6 years ago

The same thing happened to me, and my porch was even lower. I just had to force myself to go over.