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Unknown Part of Drill - Help? Answered

This should probably be an easy answer, yet I'm unable to find it through Google.

On almost, if not every hammer drill, there's a part that lets you connect a handle to the drill, like this: 
or like this: 
(clickable links in the comment below)

How is that part called? A collar?




Best Answer 1 year ago

handle thingy

That will be used for my upcoming Instructable.


lock stick

I dunno. I just tried a Google(r) Image search for "drill with removable handle", then went to a few of the sites those pictures came from, and then I did not actually read the descriptions in their entirety. I just used control-f, to search the text for instances of the word "handle".

I found one place, calling this handle on the side of the drill, a "removable side handle"


Also on many of these sites, I found a bunch of chatter about a "spade handle" or a "D-handle", but I think that refers to a handle on the back of the drill, behind the chuck and the motor, a handle often shaped like a capital letter "D".

I think the answer is out there, if you have the Google-Fu to find it.