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Unlinking Account from Facebook Answered

I was wondering if there was a way to unlink my Instructables account from my Facebook account.  I was planning to delete my Facebook account very soon, but still wanted to keep my Instructables account.  Anyone know how to do this?



Please email support@instructables with this request, make sure to include your username

please could you unlink Facebook from my instructables account as I accidentally linked it to my wife's Facebook account.


Can you please write into service@instructables.com so a member of our support team can take care of this.

Hi, Your Facebook information has been cleared from your account. Please be sure to use your username and password to log in from now on. If you ever run into something like this again, please feel free to email support@instructables.com and someone can help you out :)

Your Facebook information has been unlinked from your account.

I would like to unlink my account from Facebook as well, please. Is there a way to do it ourselves? or is it something that only admins can do? Thank you :)

Hi, Your Faecbook information is unlinked from your account. I think only admins can do it right now.

Can my facebook be unlinked from my account as well?

Please can you unlink my Facebook account from instructables. I didn't realise every post I favourite gets posted to my friends