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Unofficial Digital Art Contest - The New Kiteman. Answered

Time for certain people to put up or shut up.

Apparently my new avatar is no good.

You think you can do better? Go on, then.

Either from scratch, or starting with one of the versions posted below, create a new Kiteman.


  • Not too much fine detail (I want it recognisable at all sizes)
  • It must be recognisably me
  • No purchase necessary.


Er, none, really. Pride. Yes, that's the prize - pride in your own personal accomplishments.


And a side-bet

Somebody else complained that Kitewife has no avatar (like she spends so much time here?)

Anyhoo, if you can come up with a vaguely-similar-style avatar for her...?

She knits, cooks, teaches and puts up with three untidy Makers in the house.


Do another contest, but do a design the Kiteman contest, a bit like the robot designing contest smart did, it would be fun!

hah, too many peppers.

kiteman peppers.jpg

I too need a new avatar...

This one has some dimension


I think I'm the only one who changed the hair.


Hey! I changed the hair! Originally, all of the strands were identical.

Yeah, I further shortened every other one also.


10 years ago

how about kiteman/stewie evil genius? sorry, i'm not that good


How bout' this for Kitewife? I just took your original Icon and my brothers myspace icon and put my brothers preposterous hair on your icon :D


This is Zach's version:


I like the breasts

Er... thank you?

He's got a point... they do appear to be "breasts".

This was actually my first attempts at tweaking a picture :-) I am starting to like GIMP :-)

since it was an unofficial contest, who unofficially won?

Mine, with added color...someone stole it....not that I'm bitter...

Just kidding, I don't really care. I stole it from Kiteman anyway.

Not just color, look at that pocket and compare it with the earlier ones. :-)

Yes, that's a very nice...um...pocket... *backs away slowly*

Well, at least it doesn't disappear into his underarm now :-P

I think you should go with Kevvixx's, that one is really cool.

But this one is even cooler...


here are some variations KIteRice (traditional ricemakers garb) Kitepirate (its a pirate!) tell me how you like!


Oh, those made me chuckle!

The pirate has a seriously arrgh expression.

i just changed the positioning of the glasses (left = right and right=left) but if you think it's argh then it is argh!

Is this any better ?


Hey! You used my file! You can't do that! Even though mine was copied from Kiteman's!

I am so sorry.....call it minor improvements then, and not " my design" :-)

Well, look at it this way......I didn't want to mess with something good, just add more good to it :-) building on your foundation as it were

Okay, My New and Improved Kiteman! I decided to give you a regular tie instead of the bow tie. It's an animated gif file but when I previewed it, it did not animate, so I hope it does.

It animates when I click on it. Nice idea, but I think I prefer the bow tie.

YAY YAY YAY! Kitewife is using my avatar! Oh, the pride...