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Unofficial K'nex Anything Contest Answered

This is the unofficial knex contest! There are a few other knex contests with a certain theme, but in this contest, you can enter anything! Let's get on to the rules:

How to Enter:
Make a instructable that uses knex. Make a comment with a link to the instructable, than I might accept it. Your instructable has to be made in 2017 or up. You can have three entries entered at a time, but only one of them can win.

What to Enter:
Enter an instructable that is mostly knex and has instructions. If it uses to much non-knex, than I won't accept it. It has to have good instructions, or it won't get accepted. If it is something small, I will make it to see if it works and to see how good it is. A big ball machine will be accepted if you have instructions of some of the elements.

When Will It Be:
It will start now and go to November 1. If I get 20 entries before the ending date, I will quit the contest regardless of the date.   

There will be a grand, first, second, third, and runner up.
Grand Prize: Follow from me, votes on all your ibles that you have in contests, and a 3 month pro, and your winning ible in a knex contest winners collection.
First  Prize: Follow from me, vote on all your ibles that you have in contests, and your winning ible in a knex contest winners collection.
Second Prize: Follow from me and your winning ible in a knex contest winners collection.
Third Prize: Vote one of your ible, and your winning ible in a knex contest winners collection.
Runner Up: Your winning ible in a knex winners contest collection.

If you have any questions, please ask! That's all! Have fun!

Current Entries:  
Element Force's Shotgun Turret for the TR8

The Knex Inventor's Toothebrush Holder

KneXFAN200's Fidget Spinner

neXFAN200's Annoying Clicker Box


Hey when is the deadline

I'll see if I can tell lot of people about this so you could get more entries...

Here is my VERY annoying knex clicker box! Sorry for taking sooooooooo long! Ball machine coming at the end of the month or early next month! Here is the link: https://www.instructables.com/id/VERY-Annoying-Knex-Clicker-Box/

I did! Congrats on the feature, but HOW DID YOU DO IT????? I thought only complex knex stuff got featured, but that thing looks as easy as pie to make! (I said that as a compliment BTW) I try really hard to get good lighting and background for all my pic to help it get featured, but then you just take reg pics and it get featured! How did you do it?

Thanks!!!!!!!!! I have NO idea how I got featured. I didn't think I would get featured at ALL! I was really surprised when I saw that it got featured! Again, thanks! My pics aren't that good right now because my camera broke and I'm going to get a better one soon. I just did that instructable by taking pics from my computer!

Mine is coming. It won't be what I told you though. Sorry for being late on it.

Oh, it's not that bad as long as you get it in before the contest ends! :)

I'm going to make something for this! Just wait.............

I know that this was posted in late 2016, but can I still enter it? It has a complete set of instructions and it is very beginner friendly to build.


Well......I guess. The thing itself is ok, but the instructions are good and I want lots of entries in this contests, so yeah.

Okay, thanks! We will see if I get around to posting any more projects to enter, but are multiple entries allowed?

I would appreciate your questions, comments, or feedback if you have any!