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Unofficial Patch Contest - Macro Photography AND THE WINNERS ARE... Answered

DoNoTincinerate and myself have decided to trial Eric's idea of awarding patches as prizes in informal contests.

We have decided to run a quick contest for members (pro or not) to show off their photography skills.

So the contest is...

"Best macro shot of an electronic device, component or components"

Entries will be judged on clarity, composition and UCF (undefinable coolness factor).

Deadline midnight (UK time!), Saturday 20th June.

Post entries to this topic and we will judge them on Sunday.

Prize: a rosette patch created especially for small contests, awarded entirely at the discretion of DoNoTincinerate and myself.



Just a reminder - it is 51 hours to the deadline.

Don't panic if the image upload bug isn't fixed in time, you can post the images elsewhere (a slide show, flickr etc) and poast a link to them in this topic.



Things are resolved, and I have had other good news.

Judging will happen at the weekend, new entries will be accepted until Midnight Friday 10th July (based on site time-markers).


It was hard to choose, so I chose three. In no particular order... the winners are...

Gmjhowe's chocolate.
Munchman's HDD circuitboard
Bumpus' cell-phone button

With a special mention to Kryptonite for managing to photograph sparks.

Well done, all four - patches are arriving soon.


Wow look at this, Talk about close ups!


Under an arduino board, the solder on it...

Ok, I found a different way to get my camera to take closer shots....what follows are a few SOT components; the three shots are of the same general area of the board:

MacroShots 001.jpgMacroShots 002.jpgMacroShots 003.jpg

What is this different way of taking close shots?

I held a jeweler's loupe in front of the camera lens..... :-)

*Opens Wikipedia. Types: loupe.* Ahhh that would explain it. I used a magnifying glass which didn't make that much of a difference, so I disregarded it.

I couldn't get the camera close enough (even on close up setting, it would say I was too close to focus on it)

Wow. I got the best results I zoomed as far as possible but put the camera lens about 3 inches away from the object for the closest shots possible.

My old camera (now in pieces because it refuses to bring the lens out anymore) just refused to take pictures at anything closer then 6 inches....but I was able to fool it using that jeweler's loupe. LOL

Hold your horses Lith, it ends on the 20th.

Ahh, I missed that - thought it ended this Saturday.

If you haven't checked in a while, then I'm just letting you know that the winners have been chosen (see above).

Hey, it was close.

I was eventually swayed by my personal aesthetic.

Even my fish eye look (trick) using the jeweler's loupe didn't help :-(

And now my camera's broke *sigh* not because of this of course

Some of the photography was amazing though, I seriously didn't think I'd get it.


9 years ago

Some from me. :)


*clap* You're pictures? Amazing!

I decided i could do better, so I did. All tech stuffs this time. Firstly we have an original Pentium 55mhz CPU. Finger for scale. Next is a component R47, which you can see just as my fingers end. Then two more bonus shots, the second bonus shot is a ripped out GPU.


Here is the actual set up in situ.


Don't make me miss the olympus any more! I could have things touching the lens and focus! Don't have any macro lenses for the canon, yet...

No macro lens, just a standard 18-55 lens, and a set of cheap macro tubes. Some of the really close one i got by holding the manual lens the wrong way round. Steady hands needs for that one!

Ah right, you do get a converter to put lenses on backwards, I think it's fairly cheap since it's just a mount... That's pretty damned good for a wee standard lens, you reckon macro tubes are a good plan then?

Those macro tubes made a big difference, with the tube, the end of my lens was so close i had to use another light source, as the flash was blocked by the top of the lens. I got my macro tubes for about £5 on ebay. They do the job nice for every now and then.

Cool, do you find you need much more light? For most macros I'm now using 70-210mm at a minimum of 1.5m so close enough for general stuff but not enough for some subjects...

That super bright camping light in the picture seemed to work well, if i was going to do more, i would set up a proper halogen work area. But im moving into computer modding mode now, so im rearranging my desk to fit that purpose.

I usually use a little desktop halogen, they make good spotlights... Ahah, I've been taking bits off my computer and adding others for ages now, it's a bit of a mutant but it'll get there, it's also got a bit gash in the front of the casing, which I need to add two more of... Then backlight them...

That sounds like its gonna be pretty neat, im hoping for a casemod contest soon. Im modding that vintage mac that i put a topic up about last week.

Ah, made a decision on it then... Well I'm looking to un-dell the computer, after installing an extra 2 gigs of Ram it's no longer running like a Dell, so it needs to stop looking like one, I am wondering how far a P4 processor could be taken, granted I'd have to risk flashing out Dell's custom bios from the board to overclock it at all.

Yeah last time i tried to mod a dell, my undoing was needed to reflash the bios. I decided the project was not worth my time, especially seen as DSL was choosing not to run on it. It sits hidden, not doing much nowadays. Im looking at one of the new mini itx atom boards. I decided i would turn it into a companion machine, which i could then switch to use the peripherals on my iMac.

The companion machine sounds nice, if a slightly complicated and excessive solution to a non-existent problem. Aye, though the rest of the dells getting souped up anyway, 3.0ghz, 2.5gb ram, just need a better graphics card...

The machine will run mainly as a low power server, so always on, and the USB screen is part of the main reason, i want to be able to use the usb screen both internally, and as an add on for the iMac, i also want to combine three sound inputs into one. 2.5gb of ram sounds a little haphazerd, does the machine support paired ram speed boost goodness?

I reckon that'd be survivable for purpose... The Dell runs happy enough I think the two gig stick is actually faster than the twin 256's but it recognizes them all and runs far faster than before, also the page file on the hard drive is less necessary so when I prod the computer to do more than one thing the HDD is no longer screaming in pain... If I could get better graphics, think it's a gig of Nvidia someone's giving me and pop windows seven/vista in and go higher up with the Ram, which has four slots to take advantage of, though I'm not sure if the board would recognize it all so I reckon four would do...

Eugh, to get the first two images took such a long time to set up and every thing. Pulled apart a flash camera, charged up the capacitor, set it up, set up the camera, press the button, short circuit the capacitor and then hope that I caught it. I don't think they're very close up or anything, but I think I at least get half a credit for doing it. :D


I find taking a picture if a spark very hard indeed. I fine it easier to video tape it, find a frame with a spark in it, then save the frame as a picture.

Try what I do for lighters, half a second or a second shutter speed and control of spark, it'll get a nice picture, there's more on it in interesting photography tricks for all...

Hmm, I'll need to get a camera with fast shutter speed, mine is slow, lol.

I get pretty cool affects with sparklers at twilight with slow shutter speed.

Slow's what you want, a slow shutter speed, say a second or half a second, tripod or something to steady it and a short, bright spark, that way the spark takes a kind of precedence, like so: The lighter's moving but the spark is reasonably imposed, with an electrical one it'd be easier to get no movement.

2-2-06 008.jpg

Okay, I see the point there, what I really need is steady hands, lol. Thanks for telling me this, my dad is right, we learn something new everyday. :-)

Try setting the camera on something or doing the string trick, it'll make like easier, also have it all focused up and everything beforehand...

I used one second shutter speed (slowest possible for my camera) but it clicks when the shutter closes, not opens so I don't know if it's open or not when I do it.