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Unofficial Safety Committee: What are we? Organization? Etc? Answered

.  Judging by the number of ppl that have signed on to this group, it looks like there is enough interest to see about really doing something.
.  In no particular order or importance:
1) Need name for org.  Do we need Pres/VP/&c?
2) Who in group can give out which "awards"? More than one person?
3) I don't think we need patches - many recipients would see them as awards. I think we should just give as comments to iBles/posts.
4) Need to come up with some guidelines as to what is unsafe enough to deserve a graphic/comment. May want to have a series of small graphics (similar to patches?) such as "High Voltage", "No Safety Procedures/Warnings", &c
5) I don't think we want to take this too seriously and become pedantic about what is posted, but we want to make sure that no one attempts a dangerous iBle without the proper warnings.


I used to be a safety hazard offender. 

I used to eat and solder at the same time.  

That's a good start.  But welding while naked is better.

I tried to cook fried chicken yesterday in my boxers, even though I knew the consequences beforehand...  It wasn't a pleasant experience.  I eventually gave in and had to put on a robe.

Wouldn't the oil pour out through the leg-holes?

When you cook the chicken in your boxers...

Actually , as young newlyweds, Mrs Skunkbait and I had a similar experience.  Long story short...... Put on clothes before you make french fries!!

*does not want to think about Skunkbait*

Crap.  Another memory that I'll have to repress.

 "Scarred for life" CAN also come from mental images.......  maybe even worse than hot splattering grease!

Dr Qui

7 years ago

We need somewhere to report the dangerous posts to. the poster should then be made to resolve the safety issue if possible or at  least be made acknowledge the dangerous aspects of the post and be made point them out in the instructions.

I have pointed out any dangers faced in any of my posts and if I did hurt myself I pointed this out to reinforce the danger.


Does no-one see the dangers of this?

I agree I do make sure I have a safety step in most of my ibles

. That is one of those projects that:
1) Few ppl would actually desire to make and/or wear.
2) While constructing it, the maker would quickly become aware of the many sharp places on the chain. Any person of reasonable intelligence would take measures to dull and/or cover the sharp spots.
3) It doesn't "drape" like most necklaces - the chain only flexes in one direction - and even if all the sharp spots were polished smooth, it would be too uncomfortable to wear for very long.



LOL that from an airsoft gun right?

I bought a Glock replica and remember we laughed our asses of at the little cartoon safety pictures, the ricochet eye injury one is the funniest of the lot.

Looking at it again, that's one twisted little-boy:
He seems very happy to shoot himself in the face, or the other scared-kid... This says to me "parents! if you're kids are like this please confiscate!"


I actually forget what that was from, but it might be my Glock-BB...


I'd go for strictly ad-hoc posting of warnings / notices, but of an agreed set of simple warnings (such as the standard hazard triangles).

.  The triangles fit quite well with my suggestion #4b.

It might suffice to post something like "Step 3: [corrosive triangle]"

 I think that those triangles cover about everything. Except death by Gorilla...

 You know, just in case...

gorilla warning.jpg

How about death by mad cow? or  Pig Flu.............

(mimicking evil laughter)

Not that this is a bad idea, but I could see this getting out of hand.  I've seen many ibles that are in part or whole dangerous and usually within the comments people point out the dangers and most add warnings to the ible.  But I can see some people, bragging about how they got the most dangerous "tags" from the safety police.  I applaud what your wanting to do, just would hate to see it become like a badge of honor for some. 

Along this thought I would like to see some type of rating system that would be part of the actual first page of each ible that could show similar "tags" chosen by the author to represent any warnings, level of difficulty, or other information.  Just putting the thought I had out there for discussion.

.  So far, the ppl that have been responding have not been the "get out of hand" type, but it is something we need to watch out for.
.  I think LR put it quite well in her Jan 9, 2010. 6:02 PM comment - we're not trying to be the safety police, just give ppl enough of the proper warnings to keep from harming themselves.

Well, the same people who would be proud will be proud from an informal comment warning of danger - but this way, when we kinda keep an eye out for dangerous stuff on purpose, a particularly dangerous ible has a better chance of being marked as such - and thus possibly preventing someone from doing something unsafely. I don't want to be the safety police at all - it's people's prerogative to take risks - but at the same time I've seen too many instructions akin to "mix the bleach and the ammonia and close the door".

 1. If so, I nominate the Mahma of Nachos.
 2. I vote either one guy or everyone, with all giving "safety police" advice where they see fit. ;)
 3. Oh. K. Nevermind then. XD
 4. If it will kill you, maim you or potentially  lessen your enjoyment of life appreciably?
 5. I for one will not stop until every single Instructable on this website is completely safe for a toddler to do unsupervised. 

Every. Last. One.

At the risk of repeating myself......"You'll shoot your eye out kid! "    :-)

:-)    the first thing that came to mind was that famous line from "A Christmas Story" (1983)   

"You'll shoot your eye out kid! "    :-)

Unsafe enough?
If the creator has disregarded or is unaware of serious hazards which may be physically harmful to person or property.