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Unofficial Instructables Survey Answered

The first annual (hopefully) Instructables survey.

EDIT: The Results are in! (link)

Why a survey, you might ask? Well I thought it would be interesting to see a couple of things. Average number of Instructables people make, Most popular OS etc.

Anyway, give it a whirl and we'll see what people like best.

Oh, and once you have finished the survey, could you please pass on the link to this forum topic to anyone who is on instructables that might be interested and would not come across this themselves.

Fineprint: This is not an official survey and as such the team at instructables take no responsibility for it. The survey will only collect the answers you give, your username, email and other personal data remain private unless you put it into one of the boxes. IP addresses may be recorded. If this violates some kind of instructables ToS or anything, can a staff member please PM me and I will remove it. Otherwise, the results should pop up in the community blog in a week or two.

EDIT The results will be released Sunday, 19 April 2009, 00:00:00 UTC. Click here for different time zones


This is pretty neat, I took it I'm curious to see how many people respond

Did it. I love your Strongly agree(s). *I've had enough of the shutdown.exe prank: STRONGLY AGREE*

Not a bad survey. Are you going to pass the raw data onto Eric?

If you get a lot of responses, if could prove useful.

I agree, it could prove to be a good way to get feedback.

Bear in mind a lot of that info is stuff they already have.

...but it can be a precursor towards getting survey read less accurate information and statistics ;-)


9 years ago

I gave up on the Strongly Agree / Agree / Disagree / Strongly Disagree, those type of questions are my pet peeve.

And when do we see the results ? Or will we ever?

It's kind of like those IQ tests you see, it's free to fill out, but then you give me your mobile number and I charge you $5 for a text message with a completely arbitrary number. Ha ha, I run away with your money. No, I'll post another topic with the results in about 2 weeks (put the 20th in your calendar)

Yay! A chance to troll while still making sense!

ah, but not the first to fill in the survey (almost beat me to it though)