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Unpublished Instructables are visible. Answered

I have had a comment posted on an instructable I have not published, nor have I posted the link to it elsewhere. The work-around the poster used needs to be blocked off.



9 years ago

FYI - we decided to pull the Unpublished tab for now, since there are some other mods that need to be put in place (add some options, fix up collaborations, etc) to allow you to really take good advantage of the feature. But I think it has some awesome potential (especially for people like me who need a kick in the butt to finish lingering projects) so expect to see it in modified format sometime in the future.

I just remembered a feature we built that should be live!: When you edit an unpublished Instructable, it should disappear from your list of unpublished Instructables for 7 days. That way, no one should be able to find and comment on your active work in progress unless you want them to.

See, you've got to tell us about all the little easter eggs you're adding to the site!

Hehe should I tell the class about the other little easter eggs you've got...

Unpublished Instructables have never been explicitly protected; we always viewed them as "projects in progress on your workbench." The unpublished sorting has been active for quite some time now (as you can see from old comments on my unpublished Instructables), we just made a link visible because you can now make private Instructables.

Oh... It could spoil surprises, though.

Take anything you want to be a surprise private. You can always make it public when you want to publish.

Figured it out - nevermind.

If anyone is wondering:

  • Go to edit your instructable
  • There's a "private" tab up top, just click the button.

/picks up the pieces of the old "offline editor" project

Indeed, i will send a quick email rachels way. (ive worked out how, so will give her some screen shots etc)

The comment left actually gave the work-around. I've sent it to Rachel, but posted this in case somebody else knew how to fix it before she saw her inbox.

It's not even a "work-around" per se (i.e., something the user has to type manually). The link is right there for the clicking.