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Unpublished 'ibles. Answered

So after having been off for a long time and finally having pinpointed the neighbours wifi router, sans cantenna (it helped signal but because there's cars passing by made it cut out far easier) I've been on and digging around, immediately I wrote and published a couple of 'ibles I already had made, now I'm rooting around in my unpublished 'ibles... I have 39 of them, many are confusing and worrying, in various stages of writing and the answers to a lot of the burning questions, subjects are wildly varied and questionable at best, there's one that's even ready to publish, however I'm not sure about it, nothing wrong it's just I'll have to listen to a plethora of comments that will annoy me in extremis, points to anyone who guesses it... Anyway... how about you lot? Many unpublished 'ibles, are many ever likely to be publishable?


Hmm... I have 167 drafts at the moment, but many, many of them are just one-line ideas that may never prove practical or possible to publish.

Just looked again, since the thread got bumped: it's now 204...

I have about ten unfinished Instructables, some almost done and some just a collection of notes and photos. For the last couple of years our computer has been so old and clunky that I didn't try to do anything recreational online. We just got a new computer and I got new eyes and new glasses two months ago, so that brings the enjoyment back.

I very rarely start a Instructable without finishing and publishing it. I don't start one on some random idea and not finish it.


4 years ago

i only start typing when iv got something, i publish as soon as iv got text for each step then spend about a week of so editing.

I have one that will be published on the 20th of July

Good stuff, take it you don't get false starts or roadblocks often...

As in projects that you start and take forever to finish or just sit unpublished...

Three actual projects that are on hold until I move, one on hold for the fall season (MEAD WOOOOOOO), then two "Holding Cells", places where i dump links and stuff. ONe for randomness, one for corvette/roadtrip. Good to have yea back mate! Get in teh IRC chat room some time ehh?

I've got 5 and one day at least 3 will be published... one day. One for a throwable... thing, a special card cover thingo and last of all an awesome lolly jar.

I have an unfinished ible that im going to publish its 101 uses for soft drink bottles. ive done my reaserch and there loads of things you can make out of them

I have one that will be published for sure, and then a few that may or may not be published. Then there's a lot I won't publish. The twister blanket will definitely be published, and then I might publish the newspaper belt and lego candle.

I like the twister blanket, in fact that may be one I'll make... newspaper belt? Cool...

And plus, it keeps you warm without sacrificing warmth :D It should be done once I get off my butt and start sewing it...

I have published 18, and am working on 16, some of which I will delete as they were either done (some one beat me to it, and did it better) or aren't worthwhile.

I've got one that you helped me with, and there's one I helped someone else with. Both of them got down to the photography stage, and then my life got real hectic. Who knows when I'll get them gone!?!?!

Around five recipes on the back burner, One of which will be posted in the next week. Just need to finish uploading the pictures!

I currently have one that maybe some day I will get around to publishing. Recently I went through and deleted the ones I never was going to finish.

Ahah, I refuse to on principal, in fact on looking over them I had a big breakthrough with one that I'd been stuck with for an age. Sorry about the server space randy...

I wasn't concerned about the server space (don't tell Eric)... mainly, I knew I was never going to finish them. However, I did manage to publish two that had been sitting there for a while.

Well I've got one sitting there, my first 'ible ever written and still unpublished, reason being? need to do it again for photos... Honestly I'm knocking them down now because some of them are just fun 'ibles and other are projects I was really excited about and got interrupted because my mother decided to be incredibly childish about life and repeatedly have pot shots at my general living situation, at the time I had about seven projects on the go, some of which I've finished others, not so much. However the solution for that project I was excited about it really good, I feel foolish for not having thought of it because it's so obvious but not the approach of this more DIY friendly versions inspiration...

Several recipes, some half-finished ideas and a few that I should write up...

I've been getting in to my food projects lately, wading on in blind and having fun with surprisingly good results so far. Want to see those recipes...


9 years ago

Two rubbish ones (one of them is "how to make cereal"), one excessively mathematical one that only a handful of geeks would find useful, one that I should really finish.

hmm how to make cereal sounds exciting...