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Unresponsive pages Answered

For some reason today the shortcuts menu, and all image thumbs are not working..

I hover over the Shortcuts menu and nothing drops down, clicking it takes me to my shortcuts customization page as normal, and the drop menu works there so i can click Recent. but on the Recent page, its dead again..
Right now while typing this the Shortcuts menu is working, but when i click on it to go to Recent its dead again after i get there.

Secondly in all ibles, clicking on any image thumb to make it the displayed image in the step fails to do anything, it just sits at the 1st image.

I'm not sure what has happened or if its something in my browser all of a sudden (Firefox, worked fine before, nothings changed, not even closed it before this happening).
even browser restart didn't help, nor clearing cache or cookies for the site. something happen to instructables during the night?


after reboots and stuff its still doing it :I