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Untouchable Android Device? Answered

So i am in a turkish school and the Turkish National Education Ministry (Milli eğitim bakanlığı) gave half the schools in turkey educational tablets for free.
But the goverment cant just not touch anything....
These tablets (writing this post with one of them now) are on what i am declaring ANDROID LOCKDOWN. (actually sounds catchy)
They have deleted play store, disabled the ability to install apks on them, made the bluetooth as expensive as a paperwieght.. And connection with a computer?? Trust me dont even go there.

So the question is *İs there any possible way to install apks WİTHOUT rooting??*

Help me please

The tablets are General mobile e tab 5
Android 4.4 kitkat
octa core 1.7 ghz
2 gb ram
32 gig memory. İt pains me to see them like this..


this is a statement from an I.S. side....if you want a device that you can do anything you want with.....go and buy one. if school or work gives you a device....for free....for a specific purpose, then you have to accept the limitations that they deem fit to put on those devices...period. if you don't like those restrictions, you are under ZERO obligation to use the device. you are more than welcome to buy your own.

I have to agree here for most of the statement, but:
When it comes to school (speaking from experience here in AU) some of the equippment is locked to a state that makes them useless outside school.
My niece needed a tablet and it you had the choice between school supplied or buying one of three "supported" models yourself.
Even those who bought the tablet in a retail shop are now locked out of the system entirely.
To use the tablet or laptop you need to log in with your username and password, but that is only accepted if you also have access to the school's WiFi network.
If you want to do your homework on it you have to log in while still at school, leave it on until home and hope the battery lasts that long.
Once off or logged out and your are done.

Doing research for school projects is hindered as even normal websites are blocked if there are "unsuited" ads on them.
That goes so far as reading a website and because a new ad show up your website is gone.
Of course you can not use your home WiFi or install additional programs, not even on your own hardware...
So I can understand why some students have the need to change things, but as said by Crapflinger there is a reason behind all those restrictions:

Schools don't want students to be distracted by youtube or games while at school.
They also can't waste money for fixing equippment that was compromised by students.
And every teacher needs to be able to use every tablet / laptop the students have, which means it needs to be uniform.
Ask your school if they would allow you to use their software on your own tablet and if that would not lock you out of the tablet.
If they agree you can get your own, but I think you should do that anyway.

Looked up the ways Android systems are locked by schools and without the password or flashing a new firmware you are locked out for good.
In simple words: do not bother ;)

There is little to no chance on a resticted system.
Only if there is a SD card slot you might have luck installing some apps on a SD with another device.
If that SD is recognised the apps on it should be integrated in your Android menu.
The only other option is to root and free the device but that is something your school won't like.

Getting something for free makes you cry?

no, seeing a device with high potential and it not being to do anything makes me cry

I'm sure it can do something, or they wouldn't have spent the money to give it to you. I think you mean that it can't do what you want it to do.

That's a shame, but probably not worth jeopardizing your education over.

is it possible to do something like this??

When i tried to root my s7562 i used odin to install supersu (not really root).

İf i could obtain a zip file that has asphalt or gta or something like that would it be installed as a system app???

Would be nice to know how the device was locked, e.g. though the parental controls or apps like SureLock.
If we know that we might be able to find a way in.

i dont know how but i cantell you that when you first boot the device an app called "mobile device manager" asks for your identification and password from the ministry. İf you dont login the tablet wont open (unless its rooted)

Yet again i say it would be a delight to root the device but if i do i dont get my reward at the end of the year and the goverment will get me a fine (probarbly 1000TL\ about 400$) with that money id eather get a new tablet

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