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Unusable Competition Prize for International Winners Answered

Does anybody know how to get in contact with the Instructables competition team?

I won a Dremmel in the Remix competition and a US spec machine has been shipped to the UK instead of a EU one. I've tried contacting Instructables via the people who sent me message to confirm that I'd won a prize, shipping etc but nobody is responding.



Most of the prizes are from amazon.com and they confirm to US specifications only, that is they will run on 110/120 volts AC. I got few prizes with the same specifications whereas power supply in India is 230/240 volts. I use a step down transformer from 230/240 to 110/120 volts for running these equipment


I have gone through the technical specifications of Dremel 4000 just now. It says the related power of the equipment is 175 watts. What I have shown in the picture above is limited to 150 watts only. So please use a step-down transformer with rated power above 175 watts (about 200 watts will do)

You should just be able to use a travel adaptor. It's what I did when I won a PC.


Do not use a travel adapter, You need a transformer like antoniraj said, Yo need to change the voltage, Not only the plug.

All (I believe) laptop adapters can get an input voltage of 110-220V, But there are a lot of appliances/tools that cant!

This video shows what will happen

I checked with the PC manufacturer...

Our contest manager is sick this week, so that's probably why she hasn't responded to you yet :)

But the responses from antoniraj and Kiteman offer the best options for international winners.

(Many of the contest prizes are actually acquired before contests are posted, so there isn't any logistical capability to adjust prize offerings depending on each specific winner's country. Also, many prizes are provided "as is" from sponsors, so if a person is a contest winner and claims a prize, they accept that the prize is only available "as is.")