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Unzip Program? Answered

I had winzip something and it was lame, I don't want to buy it and it has a bunch of buttons and stuff.  Is there an unzip program that lets me just select multiple zip folders and drop them all into a folder, with an easy left click, like notepad ++ which has an edit option on all the file sub menus.  I remember back in the day with XP, i believe it had a really good unzip thing.


Alzip does nearly every file you can think of including zip or rar files (it even does disk images!).

One, downside on this one is that it is a trial version, not completely free, but a great piece of software just like I wanted, thanks!

You need a previous version. Googling turned up that something like 7.x or before is free.

I'm downloading it right now, it sounded the most appealing so far. Thanks!

My favorite is Peazip. It is also free.

I recommend 7-zip. Free and has windows shell context menus.

This was also going to be my answer. 7zip is a neat little freebie!