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Contrary to popular belief, I havent left instructables, and I havent died. I have however been working on bunches of projects (some of which you may remember from my "Things I'm Going to Post Soon" slideshow). Unfortunately, most projects, such as a crossbow, slide-action pistol, semi-auto sniper, etc., have miserably failed. And even worse, several projects (FAMAS, M6G, and the D.R.A.G.O.N) have been demolished for lack of pieces, and will need to be rebuilt.

The first project to be posted will be my M6G Magnum (halo 1 pistol), which should be up by the end of the week, followed by my completely new Sniper, the KSR (at least until I find a better name), which I have made since, according to previous feedback, my R700 simply wasnt cutting the jib. It features an extremely comfortable handle, an upgraded trigger system, and better overall statistics (range and accuracy). After that is posted, I might be able to rebuild the FAMAS, or the DRAGON, but dont get your hopes up, they are hard to remake, so I'll probably just make a new gun, such as the Shipka SMG.


M6G Magnum
•Range: ~ 20-30 ft.
•Accuracy: Consistent
•Mag: Loads 9 pcs.

•Range: ~65-70 ft. (depending on bands)
•Accuracy: Very Consistent
•Mag: Single shot / rail system

•Range: ~30-40 ft.
•Accuracy: Good consistency
•Mag: Loads 12 pcs.

•Range: ~50-80 ft. (depending on ammo type)
•Accuracy: Medium consistency
•Mag: Single shot / dual rail system

PS - Constructive critisism is welcome, but dont just say: "wow _____ gun sucks"

The pictures are as follows:
1. M6G Magnum (w/ comparison)
2. KSR
3. FAMAS (w/ comparison)
4. D.R.A.G.O.N


the dragon looks like the concusion rifle from halo reach...kool beanz

Ksr Looks coolio. Try making it 5 layersthick if you have enough pieces.

I would, but im too lazy and I probably dont jave enough peices anyway. Thanks for the complement btw.

lol, late reply but, always remember I before E exept after C.

And when sounding like "A" as in neighbor and weigh :D

When are you going to post the FAMAS, because that's my favorite one out of that group.

Thanks, but I dont know if I will, it didn't work extremely well in the first place, and will be hard to rebuild, but if I do get around to building it, it wont be for quite a while.

Big Z

7 years ago

The Magnum should be up next week by the way guys. Sorry for the latest delay, but I'm out of town until tuesday.

Can you get at least one of these posted by the end of THIS month?

actually, my computer completely crashed three days after this post, and i lost all of my progress as well as the pictures of my guns. I didnt get a new computer until just recently, and on top of that, I had already destroyed my Magnum, and I had to rebuild it first to get the pictures back, and restart the instructable. It should be up pretty soon though.

Magnum, just another handle loading pistol with some extra visual details. It's nice for halo fans but otherwise it came a little late for much appreciation. Seems like just another rail slinger but it looks pretty nice. The FAMAS looks good. The stock could use just a little modding but otherwise it's pretty close. Now this thing honestly looks kind of ugly in my opinion. It's just another one of those guns that is big in order to make it look awesome. Maybe if you made a slimmer version, I'd like it better. But then I don't plan on building it anyways so my opinion isn't that important.

I'm guessing that's what the point was otherwise I would have actually put up an argument.


8 years ago

famas stock need doing.. also love the magnum!

Cool thanks, magnum should be posted by friday.

no prob! cool

"wow _____ gun sucks" JUST KIDDING THEY ROCK POST ALL OF THEM!!!

Wow, thanks cj! I'll try.

KGB's magnum was the best out there. This isn't better. Meh, just another slingshot rifle with a ratchet mech Famas's with better designs have been done. the DRAGON looks decent. Maybe you could post that one.

I will if I can rebuild it, but its not easy to remake without instructions.