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Upcoming Contest: ThinkGeek Hacks Answered

A new contest is going to be starting up next week: the ThinkGeek Hacks Contest. Modify any product from ThinkGeek and you could win a $250 gift certificate to ThinkGeek.

Multiple entries can be submitted as always and while only users from a specific list of countries can enter, the list is pretty huge.

Check out the contest page for more information.

ThinkGeek Hacks Contest


You can't call it a contest if you require people to buy something. I love ThinkGeek, but the requirements and limitations on this aren't really fair.

:D I recently bought something from that site (expected to arrive tomorrow) that I was planning to modify! Hurray for contests with convenient timing!

I think I jinxed myself when I said expected to arrive tomorrow. *Checks watch, looks outside, rubs new beard.* Still waiting...

Can't wait to enter the contest, this is going to be fun!

Wait.. we have to buy it from thinkgeek first ?

You have to have a ThinkGeek item first, yes. We understand that this is a bit unusual, but there are plenty of other contests in the works as well.

Will some new contest be opening soon??? I live in Serbia and my country isn't on the list.... :( To bad, but I know Instructables and you are probably planning some new awsome contest... Also what happened to the home page, why is it all white and there are no contest shown? Thanks!

YAY!!! Could you give us just a clue, what will the contest be about??? :D

I'm pretty sure you could get it from anywhere - as long as it is something thinkgeek sells. For instance, they sell the gorillapod but you can get that in thousands of places.

What if...

You hacked a product that you could have bought off ThinkGeek, but didn't?

Kiteman, that's a little less in the spirit on the challenge, but frankly, we wouldn't know any better. So no, that's not necessarily a problem.

Haha, think of it as a hack to get around international postage costs (I'm in the UK).

This contest is a first for Instructables - it's the first one you have to pay to enter, and I'm not convinced that's in spirit of the site.

Many of the contests on the site have required some investment for an entry. The BBQ contest required that you buy some food and grill it. On a larger scale, the Robot Contest required an investment in robot parts. It would be possible, but very difficult, to make an entry for free. This contest is more direct in that it involves one particular company and we had our concerns about having such a contest, but decided that it was a good fit for these reasons: - We like the stuff ThinkGeek sells and they have been supportive of previous contests by supplying prizes - This contest is largely for the audience that already has, or was thinking about, buying something from ThinkGeek. Think of it as us hosting a company for the ThinkGeek audience, which is essentially what's happening. - As this is a pretty specific contest, this is not taking away from any other contests that are currently running, or will start soon, on the site. Other contests are being planned and we can't wait to announce them once they're finalized. I hope that clears things up.

Agreed, I dont have a CCard and even if i were to buy something from thinkgeek. Having to purchase something to enter is not very good.... pretty much forcing us to drive their sales up

See my reply to Kiteman. Also, nobody is forcing you to enter this contest.

Well... there was that contest with the Roombas. You had to have bought one of them or won one of a few that were prizes in the pre-contest.

Yeh, but you could enter your idea without the roomba first.

The idea is that ThinkGeek's been around awhile (almost 10 years now), and it's not unusual to have one of our gadgets handy. That said, this *is* a new thing, and we hope it's a contest you guys can enjoy.

You'll have to cite this for your next argument on evolution, you are starting to debate with thinkgeekmonkeys...

So....we have to actually buy something to win something? I thought one of the traits of DIY was Cheap.

One of the traits of DIY is cheap. Here are some other traits: - modifying something to suit your needs - customizing to make it look cooler - improving on an existing item I often look at "finished" items as raw materials so this contest still works. If you don't want to participate, that's fine. We have a couple more really cool contests coming up soon.

what happened to the home page the contest are not easy to find

We modded the homepage temporarily - the contests will be back in their usual spot shortly!

Is Nigeria on the accepted countries list ?

I don't see Mexico, and some countries in the Carribean...surely Fedex goes everywhere...

Yeah, but the customs duties can kill ya!

:-( And here I had all these idea to make their products yourself...

Sorry for the confusion about the whole accepted countries thing--there's just some countries we don't deliver to (for complicated reasons of high customs rates, etc) and we didn't want to have someone win the contest and not be able to use the $250 gift certificate because we can't ship to them. This way we disappoint you up front, which we hope is somehow better.

If you've got any other questions, feel free to post them either to our group, to the contest, or tweet to us. We can't wait to see what you guys are able to come up with!


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Wow, anyone would of though i had planned my thinkgeek topic post..


9 years ago

Oooooh, I can totally do that


9 years ago

Someone needs to hack Khet to be even more awesome. Maybe use burning lasers and replace the pharaohs with flash paper?