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Upcoming Summer Sewing Contest with Singer Answered

It's getting hot in herre! So sew some summer clothes*!

It's time for another sweet contest with our friends from Singer!  You know what that means - you show off your mad talents and we give you awesome prizes.

So start planning your new summer projects, and get ready to hit the ground sewing!

*projects need not be limited to items of clothing.  clothing was referenced merely for cheap Nelly tie-in.


when does this contest start?


8 years ago

i'd love to see

That it is not limited to "just clothing" is intriguing......

So, I'm really new, do I just watch this page for updates like the deadline or the parameters?

It'll show up on the home page, right hand side.

looking fwd to contest. Rules and Regs? Challenge ideas? Keep us posted. Thanks


8 years ago

hi guys im new this, is the contest open to people residing outside of us? like malaysia or singapore

How about some clothing that could be converted from winter wear to summer wear and vice versa? I'm in the middle of winter right now so I'd need to do something appropriate for the contest, and my climate.

Is the contest open to Canadians?

We have just enough summer that we cherish what we get, but not so much that it goes to our heads.

lol ;0) that's if it doesn't rain amberella 1964 ;0)

Sure they do - they have a picnic that day. :)

No, we all live in one large underground city due to the amount of ice and lack of vegetation on the surface. The sun misses the continent entirely.

Will international entries be allowed?

2nded! My wife was ever so happy about making her first competition entry only to find it wasn't for international entries. Put her right off! maybe we'll sort it out for this contest - it's still half finished!

Oh my goodness... I made the perfect shirt for this not too long ago!

It seems that all the contests that happen just aren't for me... =/