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Update droid Eris Answered

Hello, I would like to update my droid Eris to Jellybean with my mac which has snow leopard on it. My phone currently has android 2.1 on it   
and no micro sd card. This article says I should be able to do this. Thank you for any help.



Best Answer 5 years ago

So, where are you running into the problem?

from the linked article:  "If you want to give the ROM a try, head over to the ROM thread."

If you are not comfortable flashing a rom to your device with extra software, then this upgrade is not for you.  It has some very daunting bugs at the moment (no headphone jack, no video record, no Bluetooth) and upgrading to the new OS will likely make it a bit slower, not faster since there are more features in the new OS.  You only upgrade to get the jellybean features like 'google Now'...which on a slower platform really isn't worth it.


Answer 5 years ago

I thought that Jellybean would have the most compatible apps on google play. I was not sure where I should get the ROM. Some ROMS are meant for certain phones. I was hoping I would get more compatible apps like minecraft. I think I will just stay with the OS I have. Thanks, you helped me make a decision.