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Updated Frisbee Answered

Just in case you're interested, I have just added an extra step to my Cardboard Frisbee Instructable.

You may not have seen it, since I published it almost two years ago, but  I've started using a modified version to help teach compass bearings and angles in my maths lessons.



A lot more interesting than just drawing a compass rose in their books and never looking at it again.

So, I guess I need to fiddle with this to see how well it flies :-)

Throw it gently, with the traditional back-hand throw and it's fine.

It won't work on a fore-hand throw for some reason.

I have some semi-ridged plastic that might take scoring and bending....... :-)


Remember to take photos and publish a step-by-step!

I am hoping to wrestle up the energy to finish what I am currently working on at the moment though :-)

I want to do a bit of testing with this (when I get around to it) so,
yeah, I will start out gently :-)

Excellent idea, and it does look pretty cool.