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Updated Weapon Board Answered

I have a quick-made picture of my updated weapon collection.


Noooo! You blocked the Stryker!

grrr! At least I can follow you home after you get your revenge on me!

oui, but you are already dead. So all I have to do is do whatever you did to become a zombie.

Wow. That is fast, but I have had ones that say "1 second ago"

O.o I think I'm seeing a pattern...


Me too. This one was 9 seconds. And I CANNOT believe that you, KILLERK, and I are on at the same time! He said "give it a few weeks" to me.

Wow. What time is it for you?

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM THE ALMIGHTY POWERFUL MEPAIN!!!!!!


Woah! You didn't photoshop that?

We should talk about something instead of saying "wow", "indeed", "indeedTM", "haha", and "lol"

Do you like flogging molly? I am a fan of Irish music and rock/punk, so naturally combining the two will please me.

Haha! I like any music with "rock" in it.


Now, that HAS to be photoshopped! And sweet. They are a very unique band, with classical Irish instruments (plus an electric guitar) and rock lyrics and singing style. You should look up some of their songs on youtube. One of my favorites is "What's left of the flag"

!!!!!! THIS IS NOT PHOTOSHOPPED!!!!!!!!!!!! lololol I can't believe that's possible! 0 seconds...


Oh and the other isn't photoshopped either...

Okay, but I am still skeptical, I'll have to ask ewilhelm.

See the 0 second one? lol

Yeah, why would it say __ nanoseconds, but it also says 0 seconds? Wouldn't it say 0 nanoseconds!

And how come my comments say "__nanoseconds" but yours always say "____Minutes", if I reload my page every ten seconds? And have you watched any Flogging Molly vids?

Heck if I know, I got lucky I guess... Haven't watched any vids, but I'm going to go to sleep now. (tired from school)

how did you take a picture of your comment tracker?

hello jus wondering how far right the comments went if you keep replying

Hmm, wonder if they stable out or keep shrinking till you can't read it anymore.

that is posibal. i noticed that they get longer and less wide. so in theriy, it will make it so there is one word per line. it would look like this

o well it isnt working, guess ill just be happy that i got it off screen