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Updated e-mail address doesn't change in the newsletter mailing Answered

Changed my profile's e-mail address and confirmed it, and it shows under my profile. However I still get newsletter e-mails under the old e-mail address. I assume they're two different databases, but then how do I delete the old address from the newsletter mailing database?


I to, am receiving emails to old address, but not the new... did this ever get resolved, and how if it did.  Thanks.

The newsletter emails are handled by a third-party service. If you want to cancel it, just scroll to the bottom of the newsletter and click the unsubscribe link.

sure, that'll work for unsubscribing in old email addy, but i've not received any newsletters in my new email addy.
must one unsubscribe in old email addy *before* one will get it in new email addy?