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Howdy. It's that guy who posts like once every 5 months and says he'll make something but never does. I try, I really do, but then I lose interest in whatever I'm working on, forget about it, and get back into class work. Just to reiterate, I'm on my last semester of college and I just had a job interview, so crossing my fingers that I'll get the job. It's for an associate software engineer position if anyone cares. Programming and crud. Woo. But it'll pay quite handsomely, enough so I may invest in more K'nex in the future. Anyway, once I finish college and get the job (I'm like 85% sure I have it already) I'll pretty much be free to my hobbies after work. I'll have moved out and be living with my friend's parents (awkward) until he moves out and gets a house, in which then I'll live with him until I'm ready to get my own. The point of mentioning this is that other than playing games with him, I won't really have much to do so I'll probably get back into K'nex and do a lot more than I have been since starting college. Hope the community hasn't died off yet.

I'm working on a capstone project to graduate, a website that hosts an IRL game of sorts that I came up with. I don't want to link to it yet, but just be on the lookout for when I do. I plan on getting a demo of the game up within the next two weeks or so. 

So, here's the last thing I was working on before I went on another hiatus. I basically wanted to make a just for fun, but still decent gun that'd perform better than the UMP. I call it the Ninjato, going along with the SMRI theme. The ninjato is often portrayed in Hollywood as a small, katana-like sword wielded by ninjas. So I considered this gun in a similar relation to the SMRI, something based more on compactness and stealth rather than a signature weapon. The idea is that if it were a real firearm, it'd be a compact, internally silenced SMG. There are some obvious resemblances to the SMRI (I'm really liking the rail system and sights I developed)  and the UMP. It was haphazardly thrown together in many ways, such as a really cruddy trigger guard I meant to be temporary and no trigger system yet. I was also meaning to get a stock on it and get it firing before I showed any pictures, but of course I never did and I've left it to sit unnoticed for too long. The magazine was meant to have an internal pusher and of course attach UMP style, though it had broken pieces so I was iffy on it. I thought about using it to make a horizontal-mag weapon, though. Overall, the gun looks weird I admit, especially without a stock, but I figured I'd show it anyway. I don't plan on finishing it.

Anyway, my next project I'm thinking is to go even simpler than the Ninjato. I thought that I'd more easily complete a smaller weapon and apparently and SMG-esque weapon still wasn't small enough to keep my attention. Well, my natural calling is pistols so I figured with the revival of essentially the sidearm fad, I'll have a go at making a version 2 of my TDSS, again mostly just for fun. And also considering that Instructables somehow lost my old TDSS instructable, it seems fitting. I'm very busy, so I really hope I can dish this one out ASAP.


You know every time I look at this I go "dang, I wish I thought of that"

Anyway when I get some time together I will be building this with my spin on it. I see a full blown assault rifle in this. I know you were going to continue your SMRI series but hey, art is open to translation! Results may vary.

Haha but what specifically? There's really nothing new on here except maybe the magazine, otherwise it's a few UMP and SMRI elements. I guess the way I modified the SMRI barrel was probably my favorite part about this gun.

Anyway, yeah go for it. I look forward to seeing the results.

To be specific the look, appearance, aesthetics of the gun. Very smooth lines mixed with sharp edges. To me guns have to have the right balance of square and nonsquare elements, and I think you hit the nail on the head.

Thanks, man. I kinda developed a style out of having few pieces when I first started. I'm a bit of a minimalist, I like having compact weapons with clean cut edges and smooth transitions, but I also find boxy guns boring and generic, so I incorporate a few purely aesthetical additions to keep it interesting.

Darn dude, I'm turning into you, a distracted favorite of the Instructable K'NEX community... So much to do, so little time... So much distraction.

At least you do manage to post something every once in a while. I haven't posted an actual 'ible in years. I'd really like to work on something but I'm super crunched.

LOL, barely. I only posted those last two 'ibles because they were already half put together over a months time... Crunched, I know what you mean. Wake up, do school, go to work, sleep, repeat.

Still, you found the time. And I'm hoping you can find more time for that HBRa3. =P I can't wait to be finished with classes. Even if I'm stuck working all day, once I'm done with work, I have no obligations other than choosing to hang out with people, so I'll have much more build time.

Dang, bro, IDK, like, IDK. I want to build a HBRa3, but at the same time, the body is pretty tough... We'll see. How bout that SMRI then? Bullpup version perhaps, using BM's new BOSS mech? Totes hype bro!

Fair enough. I may give it a shot if I have enough pieces. But then that's why I've been making compact weapons, because of piece limits. I've been thinking of remaking the SMRI but I want to start on something easier, hence my collaboration idea. And then I figured if I were to remake my SMRI, I guess I may as well attempt the HBRa3 =P
And what's the mech?


3 years ago

I again have forgot to look at this until a better time. Right now is not that time, as I am in school. :P

No worries, there isn't much to go in depth about. It's a typical TD-styled weapon, again something I didn't get firing. And I'm always in an awkward position where a gun will never fire as well as a performance weapon, and it won't look as good with a firing mechanism, so I lose motivation to make these kinds of weapons fire.

Might build something today. I had trouble getting a pistol design down that I liked, though. Trying to decide what I want to do.


3 years ago

Love it, but I should be doing my homework so i'll look at this is depth later.

Thug life I see.

XD wot u tlk bout m8 I fkin rek u boi

in the lightest of humor and joking I just realized what I said could be an insult, its not meant to be, its supposed to be a joke about what you said about me having a thug life

Yes. I, unlike some, can take a joke.


3 years ago

Glad to see a post from you, good luck with the job.

The gun is nice too.