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Upgrade a battery for any electronic device Answered


In various project, I take apart some small, Li-Po based, electronic devices, and I salvaged a lot of them.
In some project, I've got room for a big tablet LiPo, but I don't know if I can use the built-in battery charger (made for a 3.7v 1000maH battery) for a 3500 mAh battery, or should I use a spare battery charger?

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lifesureplan (author)2018-03-11

It would just charge very much longer to charge fully. Nothing else should happen!

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iceng (author)2018-03-07

I would expect the worst would be a fail to fully charge the 3.5Ah batt.

More likely it would take three times longer to charge..

But if the charger is very delicately designed it might overheat but I doubt that..

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