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Upgrade page to Premium do not work in Safari and Chrome Answered


Just tried to upgrade to premium however the page that I am sent to seem to have an error. Link to the page that I'm trying to upgrade from (link)

The choices seem to be displayed two times, and clicking the "Sign up" button or the "Premium Account" button at the bottom of the page do nothing. 

See screenshot attached. I'm getting the same error in Safari and Chrome. 



Tried to upgrade today using Chrome. Still doesn't work. when I click the Submit button, nothing happens. Had to use IE.


1 year ago

I don't accept hassle in any shape or form anymore, life is too short. Soooo if someone wants me to pay for something, at least make it easy, don't frustrate the hell out of me! Anyways I filled in premium for two years at $49 - But got.. "sorry that user name and email already in use" etc. .. well I've been there before and I'm not paying to be given more frustration. Make it easy to let me give you my money, or I will stay on free service....Bye...

You can upgrade very simply by trying to download any PDF of an instructable. If you aren't logged in, it will ask you to so no confusion with creating a second account.

Hope that helps!

Troy (tomatoskins)

Community Manager

Hello people...I want to sign up to premium, I want to take 3 classes at this time....but I have had a stroke and retention is very LOW. Is there a way that I can d/l the # of classes onto my computer so that I can go over and over till absorbed...which will take a while, I can pdf..but will that take video?????? many thanks folks

Hi ctech83,

Good eyes, thank you for the heads-up! : )

This is a bug and the site developers are aware of it and currently working on a fix.

Sam (seamster)

Community Manager

Still hasn't been fixed. Seems like your team would resolve the situation quickly, since you're losing money.

I got to that page ... and it just doesn't work for me. No buttons work, nothing.

NB. When I first subscribed (free) I got a feedback from the site that I need to use a compatible browser -- yeah, right, mozilla is not compatible. I doubt it. Well I have Avira watching my traffic and I have clamped down hard on anything ~flash - but that should not be an issue, really. (apart from being annoying, flash animations in ads can trigger migraines for me; I do NOT want to see them).

So, to upgrade to premium - didn't work, as I said. I then attempted with Chrome, but no joy there either. Incidentally, I saw no radio buttons as in the picture above for payment options .... so I decided in that case (not getting the options) I would not want to subscribe since I have no idea what to subscribe to. All I saw was the pricing, but no way to choose. ... not going to write a blank cheque as it were.

Hmmmm <scratches head>