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Upgraded to XP Answered

I gave Microsoft until SP1 for vista, I tried to like it, but lets count the annoyances. SLOW, even with all the twaddle turned off. 2 minutes to boot, five before wireless would connect. Disk copy at a snails pace. 12 minutes to write a one gig usb 2.0 jump drive 10 gig restore partition. 10 gig win sxs folder being repeatedly told "you need permission to do that" on my explicative deleted computer even after turning UAC off. Enoughs enough Now I'm running XP Fast 45 seconds from power on to connected to the network 7 gigs total install 2 minutes to copy one gig to a jumpdrive. Make the upgrade, it's worth it.



10 years ago

We're happy for you! =)

btw, what Flashdrive do you have, Lexar? I find cheap ones very, very, very slow. 700mb. in 13 minutes. =P

I've got a Kingston (512mb) and a SanDisk (1 GB), the latter with U3. I use the SanDisk mainly; I use the Kingston for lugging small Linux distros around. They both are fairly fast.

I had a Lexar jumpdrive lightning... that was fast! =)

Jumpdrives are the best invention since zippered socks!

I like Lexar's fireflies... tiny little things! One could undergo soooo many USB drive case mods with one of those =]

I don't really know, the case fell off the third time through the laundry ;-).

I'm a sucker for Vista's new GUI, and other than startup, I don't really have a problem with speed. And no, I don't have a 4Gig RAM machine, only 1 GB here, and my virtual memory's not set too high. HOWEVER, my Vista PC is the only one I like; I must be lucky because every other one I've used is simply awful.

And yes, I still like XP, the superior OS. Congrats on the switch back =]