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Upgrading Epiphone Les Paul standard's hardware? Answered

Hi guys

Ive got an Epiphone Les Paul standard. I wonna replace some things by better ones but i dont know were to start. If someone can just tell me what to replace and wich by wich part i would be very happy.

thnx anyway



Best Answer 8 years ago

If it stays in tune then the only thing I would bother with is thepickups.  You can go every which way with them.  What are youlooking for?  What is lacking in you 'tar.

What kind of amp have you?

ive got a dean markley 50 watt amp and i usually play rock.  My guitar doesnt stay in tune that well.

Then I'd upgrade the tuners first.  That is one area that islacking on most guitars.  It won't make it sound better or lookcooler but good tuners will make it stay in tune longer.

i think i got grover tuners.  Which tuners will be good realy onesfrom gibson or others? and lots of people are talking about a graphitenut whats that

What kind of nut is on your guitar now? 

A graphite nut is supposed to be self lubricating and useful if you usea trem. alot.  Lots of people think it has bad tone.

Grover tuners are supposed to be good.  Do your's look like theyused the cheapest they make or do the look and feel like good quality stuff?

Here/s a link to a picture of one of my guitars.  I built it from akit and will either replace most of the hardware someday or just replacethe guitar. 

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