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Uploaded pictures wont show up in my library? Answered

When i upload a picture, when i go to my library to veiw it, nothing is there.  I think it is also my problem for my slideshow.



Best Answer 8 years ago

It might be your web browser, and/or how it's configured.  I know I had similar problems to yours when I was using Safari.  Try Firefox, and if the problems persist, make sure your browser has cookies enabled.  What version of the uploader are you using?  Try whichever version you're not using.

Hope that helps,


You are sure that it actually uploaded? You click browse, then upload, the wheel spins - and it should pop up - or is it being screwy?


The pictures show up on my library with firefox (thanks mJusticz) but they still don't show up in my slideshow

If you edit the slideshow are they there? If they are, post a Forum topic under Help : Bugs.


About 12 hr. after I got them uploaded from FireFox they appeared in the slideshow.  problem solved, Thanks guys!