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Urban Exploration Kit? Answered

would someone please be able to design a covert kit for use in urban exploration? would really come in handy


You might find some useful information by following the guidelines of cave surveyors. They already assume that the tools need to be portable, durable, and work without GPS access.



3 years ago

I know an expert urban explorer and while GPS fails underground,

the mind of the explored does not fail unless he/she falls.

But I think you are looking for an inertial navigator based on three mutually perpendicular accelerometers to fix your position in 3D space.

As a mere lad you hardly have the ability to appreciate the software needed to accomplish a dead reckoning navigator of this esoteric type in the presence of a G-field.

BTW , the military may sell you an old but large model.

Maybe an entomologist could help you train some insects to do this handy back-track caricaturization, Like crickets in an LCD match box :)

The ones I know, gave X,Y,Z numbers from a starting point and when 3hrs later you returned to the crawl in point, it was a half inch off the mark.

That 3D map is in your mind !

Just with three accelerometers, though I would use a set of three and a master uP voting two out of three.

Smartphone with GPS app and your all done. What more are you looking for?