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Urgent! Please "donate" some pictures!!? Answered

I've done a photo instructable on some tips on photography and now I have a new idea for another photo instructable. I'm planning to do one on lighting, exposure, sharpness, and possibly composition. The problem is I don't have that many pictures to use for this.

I'm looking for people to "donate" some pictures, preferably of food but almost anything works, for me to edit and possibly critique it as well. Don't worry I will credit anyone willing to donate and I won't be too harsh if I were to critique it :) :)

Please help! I know it's late notice but I would love some by the end of tomorrow! Any "donations" will be greatly appreciated!!

Please leave the photo in the comments or a link to it otherwise. Thank you!
(I've posted this in the forums as well, am I coming off as spam? Sorry! :)



Best Answer 7 years ago

well heres a few theyre not very good, but then again im a bad photographer..

you might want to download the HQ ones because of the i=low quality jpegs 'ibles uses.


7 years ago

Do you have any size or format limitations?

I've tried three times now and at post comment, everything vanishes. ????

Can't do it, sorry. Looks good in preview and then 'post comment' -poof- all is gone.

I'm having the same problem and have been for a couple of days....... that reminds me.... i posted a question about it.

I can't do it on google chrome but I can on Firefox! hope that helps!


Here are a few.

1.JPG18 - Copy.JPG21 - Copy.JPG26.JPG29 - Copy.JPG32 - Copy.JPG38.jpg