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Urgent! Please "donate" some pictures!! Answered

I've done a photo instructable on some tips on photography and now I have a new idea for another photo instructable. I'm planning to do one on lighting, exposure, sharpness, and possibly composition. The problem is I don't have that many pictures to use for this.

I'm looking for people to "donate" some pictures, preferably of food but almost anything works, for me to edit and possibly critique it as well. Don't worry I will credit anyone willing to donate and I won't be too harsh if I were to critique it  :) :)

Please help! I know it's late notice but I would love some by the end of tomorrow! Any "donations" will be greatly appreciated!!

Please leave the photo in the comments or a link to it otherwise. Thank you!


Hello, I am a Professional Belly Dancer .......... here is a Picture for Donation : )



hey thanks for the shout out! when they said "donate" i didn't know a user had to take them. I thought it was a good pic so i showed it to her

It's implicit in the request, but having read the thing again it's not specifically stated. I'd hope no one ever asks for people to go goolgling pictures for them....


It's okay :) Thanks for the thought though :)

Feel free to use some of my stuff if your interested. Just look up some of my Instructables and find some pictures there. They're not stunning, but most of them show sharpness.

There are some in my instructables, you might want to use either the last two or the first one, the other's aren't good quality unless you are showing good and bad kinds of photo.

Thanks! I'll take you up on that then :) I might do some critiquing, but I'll be nice :)

It's fine, that was a while ago, I now know how the pictures being crummy can ruin an instructable, if you look at my latest one, it is the only one being featured(for now...) and it has good images. So you can do any type of critiquing you want.


7 years ago

Feel free to utilize any of my food photos.

Here are two food shots I took in China, hope they help


Wow. I'll definitely be using these! Thanks!

Here's some shots from a recent cruise on Chef's Night


Help yourself to photos from my ibles - no food photos, but plenty to critique.

Haha okay then. I promise to be nice!


7 years ago

I have some food photos, they aren't brilliant but they do their job... yourwelcome to use them if you can

Thanks! I definitely will then.


7 years ago

I have a couple of food related instructables, you are welcome to use any of my pictures.

Thank you so much! I'll definitely be using some of your photos :)

Is this your picture? If it is and I can use it, that would be great! Thanks.

no i got it off the internet but i didnt know a user had to take it sorry