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Usb to audio out adapter? Answered

Some stereos now have female usb sockets built into them to play music from a memory stick. Mine does not, which is why I am looking to make/buy a usb to 3.5mm audio out device that can read the files on my memory stick and output them as audio. I have done a concept picture using professional editing software 'Paint', but the sd card reader is not really that necessary. It could also be battery powered, the picture is just a basic idea of what I want. I have spare computers I could raid for parts if I need. Any help would be appreciated either building or buying such a device, but low costs for both are a big need.


Take a look at this young man's 'ible. You can find what you want through there.


Thanks for the link, some of the parts look perfect for what I want.

Some old MP3 players had SD card slots. RCA Lyras, and I think the Rio S10. The Lyras should work with up to 2GB (I own a couple).

Or, there's MP3 player modules available on eBay and Dealextreme. Search for DIY SD USB MP3 player or hardware mp3 on eBay. Dealextreme has a better selection: http://s.dealextreme.com/search/diy+sd+mp3

Or, get something small that runs Linux and make it into a player. An old laptop with no hard drive could boot a live CD and become a player. The Raspberry Pi will be ideal when it becomes available.

Or a "media player", but those need a display, which you might be able to adapt from an old portable DVD player or game system add-on LCD screen.

Some great ideas in there. I like the Pi idea. I wish we could get them :-(

You want an mp3 player or a computer. There's no need to be trying to make something from bits.