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Use Autodesk Password for Sketchbook and Instructables Answered

Hi, is it possible to use the same Autodesk-acount for Instructables and Sketchbook?

Both look like they are owned by Autodesk, but Sketchbook doesnt recognizes my email when trying to login?

Any ideas? :)



1 year ago


I've never done anything with sketchbook and I'm not affiliated with their support at all, but if it's anything like instructables, your account needs to be created with an Autodesk login from the start. Looking at your instructables profile I don't see that it was created with an Autodesk login (it was created with a regular username and password like most users). If you have an Autodesk account and would like to have your instructables account linked to it, you would need to create an entirely new instructables account.

As for sketchbook, you can contact their support here: https://www.sketchbook.com/help/

Hope that is somewhat helpful! If I missed your question entirely, please let me know. :)

Troy (tomatoskins)

Community Manager

should have read it through hehe

youre right but i wont make another account for that :)

thanks :)

Hi, thanks for your reply.

well both are owned by autodesk, both say you need an autodesk account.

if i try to log in on sketchbook with my autodesk account from here, it says it doesnt recognize the email adress.

i just used another email adress, but i also run a secon instructables account that uses this second adress. And while registering the second adress on scetchbook it didnt recognize that i already am registered with autodesk instructables.

so my question is: its called autodesk account, why cant i use it on all autodesk services if its called like that ? :)