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Use G+ as an K'NEX outlet? Answered

As many of you guys know, I am a firm believer in an alternative site for us K'NEXers. I just think that the K'NEX world is big enough, and cool enough, for us to find our own "colony," if you will. But, sadly, the amount of work it would take to move everyone from here to that "other colony" would be rather impossible to do, besides, how do we guarantee that we'd keep them there?

So then, I had this idea. A large majority of people who have a email address use Gmail, right? So, why don't we just create a G+ K'NEXers page and a G+ group to stay in touch? After all, it is easier to just post a quick pic on G+ than to come here to instructables, and the Google hangouts option allows us to chat and keep in touch via IMs.

On top of all that, it is just better that we keep to ourselves, after all, the instructables site is more for Make/How to/DIY, and K'NEX really doesn't fill that slot, IMO.

Don't get me wrong, instructables is a great website, run by great people, but the K'NEX world deserves its own area on the web.

What do you guys think? How many of you have Gmail (you needn't post your email address), and how many would be willing to get a "fake" email address to keep in touch? Again, like many of my other topics on this subject, this forum thread is just to gauge interest.

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I know this is really old, but instead of going to another site why don't we just create our own site just for Knex. Have a section for guns, ball machines, roller coasters, and other. Just my opinion. Who knows we could turn Knex into a career lol.

We tried. Twice. Knexinnovation first but its community was a little more niche. It went inactive and then finally shut down. During its lifespan, I also attempted making a website for people that didn't care for KI. It died relatively quickly for multiple reasons, the main one being that people just don't want to make the jump. The problem is that people are too invested in Instructables to make a full transition. There are other K'nex websites too I'm sure, I recall visiting one trying to introduce K'nex gunning to them. I've thought about it again, too. I figured that with all the experience I now have in web dev, I'd attempt making another K'nex website, a proper one. But I've too many other projects I'd rather work on. Maybe if I find free time, if I start making tutorial videos like I wanted, I can host them there to get a little more traffic and make it worth putting time into. Maybe, just maybe, I can program a way to import instructables into my site if I had permission. I think that's the main hurdle keeping people here.

Ok we have GOT to get our own website because us knexers have a small so called country to ourself but we have the whole world against us. I never realized how much non Knexers hate Knex, there are multiple ibles and forum topics about how they hate Knex and wish there was a way to get us out of instructables. so I was thinking, what IF we could convince KNEX inc to make a section to post Knex projects. We could get a lot more attention, advertise what you can do with Knex, and even encourage new and more innovative people to buy Knex making Knex inc more money and drastically improving innovation and potential of Knex. what do you guys think, potential or just a dream?

KNEX did have a KNEX club where you could submit stuff but there where no guns and They removed it from the website. It was not really set up right but they did have something. You know LEGO has a way better online community on there website. And I think they just have more capital to run a fancy site and a larger user base so they can do that. After all they are the largest toy company in the world.

I agree with Dunkis 100%. Knex would be scared by the idea that we were posting guns on their site that can shoot through drywall or some kid's eye. They would not like that at all. Honestly, unless knex posts are banned on here, or something, I say stick with this. Ibles already has a good setup, so why change it?

Eh, because again, we're kinda out of place here. They only made a section for us because we were all here filling up other sections. It works, but we're hogging space here. While some of us participate in the rest of the website, a lot of us simply come here for the K'nex section without paying attention to the rest. And a custom made website with K'nex in mind could work out better.

It could work better, but it isn't like we are getting a bunch of hate comments, or something, at least from the higher up iblers, mostly just those with no profile image, only five different comments and no instructables posted.

ummmm try commenting on Legos, they cannot stand us knexers well at least the ones I commented on hate us.

I have tried to comment on one or two lego things, and i have just not got a response, not hate or anything though.

The main problem with that is the negative attention we'd bring to gunning. While we think it's a cool hobby, you gotta remember it's a family friendly site and parents will probably visit often. Silly enough, a lot of them would be easily offended by the idea of their children making weapons out of K'nex and possibly ban their kids from ever playing with them knowing they could do such a thing (similar to how I know a lot of over-the-top parents like to ban kids from trading card games just because they feature deity creatures). I know at least one user in the past has been banned from making K'nex weapons by his parents. So, that's why I don't think an official page would really help us. I mean, it'd still be cool for any other non gunning projects perhaps, they really ought to at least allow people to submit creations to be reviewed. I may take on the project myself. I just don't have too much free time at the moment.

At one point there was also knex forums

That was sorta the idea behind KI. It would be a real pain to move the guns and stuff to a new site. If this did happen, hopefully it would be a lot more friendly to newer builders then KI, and less glitchy.

It's cool and all, a great idea, though I don't like the idea of leaving 'Ibles. I mean, I have been on this site for 4 years now, and IMO, K'nex does fit in...hence why it has its own channel.

This website is a do-it-yourself creations website, not really meant for instructions for construction toys. While it works, it wasn't ever intended to have us here. They only created the K'nex category because we grew so large before we had it. Some members considered us a nuisance back when the forums were all under one universal category. Yes, change scares everyone. But it'll ultimately be better to have a place to ourselves.

Missing the Contests, followers, the atmosphere that this amazing site has is too much for me to take. :-)

That smiley at the end (which shouldn't have a nose, as noseless smileys are better :3 ), is that there to imply that you're happy if he Reddy doesn't participate in the contest?

Well, as of right now, a K'NEX G+ outlet is not to move us away from 'ibles, it is more of a test to see who would be willing to do so, and how long we can last. You needn't stop visiting 'ibles. =D

Yet you can make step-by-step instructions, there is a own knex channel and there are knex contests.

Furthermore starting a new site somewhere won't get a lot of attraction, as most googlers still get to 'ibles, a lot of traffic just lands there.
And that is also intensified by this site not dedicated to knex, as you could still stumble upon knex stuff randomly.

If this site was against knex I don't think the community would have been able to grow so large here. And if it wasn't meant for knex, that still doesn't mean it adapted to it, with a own channel and even contests.

This isn't only about sharing things between other people in the community, IMO, but also about showing new people what we have to offer.

Well, that are my 5 cents.

Also, there were knexforum AND knexinnovation, both forums dedicated to knex, which got shut down due to no interest.

An app is also a good idea, sort of like Instagram or PicsArt. You can make a free one with InfiniteMonkeys.

I use G+ because of YT. Someone told me Google is thinking of shutting down G+, FWIW. But I would be in!

Your in? Sweet! Now we have.... 8 guys ready to join, I just hope to get guys like SW and KILLERK to join, then we'd be gettin' somewhere.

So there are no other K'Nex forums out there?

Well, there used to be another site called "K'nex Innovation" but that has been down for almost (if not over) a year. Besides, it was rather badly set up, and was not very welcoming to newbies. There is my website, but I tried forum topics on it, and got no interest what ever. =D

I'm also a believer in "independence", but the work is just too much unless we contact almost every other K'nexer on this site and tell them to come over. K'nex Innovation already did this and fell into disuse. I tried this with my own website and the same happened even faster. Though you're on to something with a lot of people already being established on Google. It's worth a shot.

Yeah, that is my opinion as well, but like you said a G+ page and group would be really easy to use and to get to. Should I count you in?

Could try a rather brute strategy of getting most of the bigname builders and only posting on G+ after we dedicate to it so that anyone else that wants to see what they build would have to transfer. The hard part then is that some people still don't like change and would post both there and here.

See... I'd love to do that. Lets just get everyone away, just because it'd be best. I don't know if that will work though... and, like you said, people wouldn't be "faithful."

I'm in. So now what? Where do I sign?

Just kidding.

Just let me know what I have to do next.

Sounds great, and I will do so. I haven't done anything yet, but I'll get to it ASAP and let you know when you can "sign up." Again, we needn't leave 'ibles... for now... but G+ is going to be better for staying in touch with other K'NEX builders.

I like the idea, but Google+ aint that good imo

but still a good idea, I can look here and there if we can start it

I'll get everything set up between now and the end of next week. Check out this forum topic regularly for more info on what is going on.