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Use a motor to move a platform? Answered

Hello everyone,

I want to build a platform that I can use to mount lights on and make it to move in all directions by using a dynamo/motor/servo.  Also the dynamo/motor/servo will be submerged in water at all times, so is there a possibility of making it watertight, if so how to do it?

Here are some designs that I did in order to show you that I have in mind.



What will be your operating voltage and will it have a tether to you RC?

For a 12V system you could use marine bilge pumps or a small fountain pump with a 5V system !


No drive-train to worry about, and they are IP67 or higher right out of the box ! so no worries about water proofing :)

Are you thinking about using loose hydraulic pistons to move the platform ?

More so, using a water pump as a cheep water jet engine!

Put one facing out on each side and you have Forward, Back and Strafe controls like a First Person Shooter ! Another two more mounted on the nose (Facing left and right) will give Rotation controll as well :D

I hadn't thought of that, good idea !

Those pumps you found are really reasonably priced.

Yeah, I first saw this technique at a museum a few years back. They used Bilge pumps to make a cheap ROV they had inside a fish tank; Soo much fun :D

And I know eh? Only 4 when I left. I do notice they are Disappearing faster though :)

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3 years ago

Fresh or Salt Water ?

What supports the motor and platform and move how far ?

Will the power and signal lines be dragged by the machine under water ?

Fresh water, I still haven't thought about the support structure for the motor and platform. the platform should be able to move at least 50 degrees on every angle. Power lines and signal lines would be under water.

First question: How deep ?

The motor and the lights would be about 5cm (2 inches) deep in the water.

I'd be thinking about driving it with flexible shafts, and using plastic gears. You can keep the motors out of the water, and you won't have any mechanical issues.