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Use an USB fingerprint reader to log in Answered

Hi. I own an 1GB USB drive whose data can be protected using your fingerprint as authentication method. I wonder if I can use its fingerprint reader to log in a Mac or a PC instead of the password and how, possibly without having to tear it down. If this is not possible, I also own an Authentec internal fingerprint reader from an old laptop; I could use it but I really have no idea about how could I connect it to a PC. Thank you.

More info about the device: http://www.digitalreviews.net/reviews/storage/ntegrity-professional-secure-usb-drive-reviewed.html



Best Answer 5 years ago

If you want to use a finger print scanner to log into your PC you'll need to buy one. You won't be able to modify the thumb drive or the old laptop's reader to work on the PC. Well it is doable but you would need to tear apart the thumb drive and rework some things and it would take some additional hardware to get the reader from the laptop working.


4 years ago

i try to find the info abut how i can create USB fingerprint device to connect it to A PC and make it work Withe W.App C# .