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Use cell phones without cell phone service? Answered

I'm over 50 and trying to learn how to hack and mod electronic devices. Perhaps this is a dumb question, but so what: I have an old Samsung camera phone that is no longer subscribed to a phone service. It's just a phone, without a smart card. Is there any way to use it as a digital camera, or address book, alarm clock anyway?


In this modern and high technology world which is also called the “information era”. There is no doubt that people now want to own the life that is safe and free and do the thing that they like and want to do. And usually such kind of life is not so easy to own for some people and as they are monitored by some device. If so the camera jammers can be your good assistant.

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probably. just use it; i dont think those functions need the connection. you can also dial 911 even without a line.