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Use for LCD from otherwise dead laptop? Answered

My buddy's kid spilled orange soda into his laptop. By the time I heard about the disaster he'd removed the RAM and HDD from the machine. I would like to do something with the leftovers but am short on ideas. Any thoughts?


the backlight from the screen can be useful

No, you can't use the lcd without a special converter board (I won't go into the technical details of it) but these cost around £200 over here. The price a lcd tv with pc input or the price a bigger lcd computer monitor. Basically none of the stuff from this laptop has any individual use now so I would recommend to sell it. But as long as the lcd is fine depending on model you should get around £50-£100 on ebay for the casing (Just the casing for the whole laptop and the trackpad)£20-40 again depending on model and I would just sell the motherboard sold and seen with the processor and heatsink and anything else sill attached. Easy money really for something that could of just been chucked away

sell it for parts?

disassemble it to pieces (the main part - board etc) clean it through asseble it power up i fell once with powered up laptop in hands into a pool. disassembled and dried it quickly. it works now

Are you sure it's dead ?? I've seen several survive spills, infact I've owned a dell that i didn't even realize had coffee spilled in it for about 10 minutes and it was running at the time, with the screen open, I just poured it out and it just kept on going, but you normally just have to wash them out really good with hot water (( battery removed )) and allow them to dry for a few days (( I just toss it on a heat vent for a day or two ))

I dunno about the LCD, but the keyboard, or at least keycaps, could be used as spares or replacements for other laptops, which seem to be prone to keyboard damage in my experience. Maybe there's a graphics or sound card, or a modem or a wireless card in there you could use.

Oh, I do too! I hate waste of all kinds. :-) Let us know if you are able to use any of the parts-maybe an ible on taking them out and putting them back in something else to make them useful is in order...