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Use guitar amplitude signal as a switch to light a bulb Answered


I'd like to light a bulb by using a guitar as a switch.
My problem is I don't know where to plug the guitar into.
Is it some kind of switch I have to tweak, or is it some kind of resistor.
I've attached an image to explain the electric circuit. 


Lol your idea is good, I've thought of the same thing but only activates when you pop the whammy bar. I've also considered adding a gun apparatus to shoot out a blue flare when you nail a solo.

Duuuuuuude, don't do that. You could fry yourself and worse, the guitar.
You need a circuit to isolate the high voltage stuff from the mains from the guitar. What you are looking for is a "color organ" or sound reactive light circuit. Your guitar signal is run through a small amplifier circuit which then triggers a relay to turn on your light bulb or better LEDs. You can have a microcontroller like an arduino control the relay or use some simple transitors to light up the bulb when the sound gets louder. Good luck.