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Use internet while bridged connections? Answered

I did the instructable for using your laptop as a wireless access point for your xbox 360. I got live to work but now when I have the connections bridged I can't use the internet on my laptop at the same time. Is there any way I can use my wireless internet on my laptop while having the connections bridged?



What OS are you using? (sounds like XP to me but forgive me if i'm wrong). When you turn laptop on, remove wireless connection from bridge, wait to you connect to net then add connection to bridge again. You should now be able to use both Xbox and net at same time.

does it work if you do internet connection sharing (dhcp server) instead ?

do you know what type of connection (dhcp / static / etc) the xbox wants ?

You'll need 3 network interfaces in your laptop then. 1 in, bridged to the 'out' for the xbox and an additional in - for the laptop to use for internet. USB wifi cards are cheap, or usb-ethernet.