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Use it Again! Contest Winners Answered

Wow, there were some fantastic entries in the Use it Again! contest! Congratulations to everyone who entered- the quality and range of projects was quite astonishing.

Have a pile of spring cleaning junk to repurpose? For inspiration just check out the winners below, then wander over to the PopSci group to see the other fantastic entries. We're planning to use some scrap bamboo to build trebuchet03's Pot Lid Organizer for the Instructables kitchen next week- what do you plan to make?

Grand Prize
Winner will receive a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT 8.0-Megapixel Digital SLR Camera, a brief profile in the How 2.0 section of Popular Science magazine, and a 1 year subscription to Popular Science magazine.
Wireless home router with analogue utilisation meter by radiorental

First Prize
Five winners will each receive a laser-etched Leatherman Juice S2 multi-tool and a 1 year subscription to Popular Science magazine.
Bookshelf of Encyclopedias by jessyratfink
How to Make Your Own Prototypes : How to make your own Plastic Vacuum Former by sheekgeek
Repurposed - Clock into Kinetic Wall Art by Tool Using Animal
Take Infrared Pictures With Your Digital Camera by sam noyoun
Wallet made from a computer keyboard by zieak

Honorable Mention
Ten winners will each receive Instructables stickers and a patch. UPDATE: Honorable Mention winners will also receive a year's subscription to PopSci!
Build a Nintendo NES PC by hatsuli
Green Garbage Grabber, Trash Tongs, pick up tool by Toxictom
Laterally driven speakers by J_Hodgie
Macpack by imanalchemist
Naff Movie into DVD Spectra by DoWatt
Reuse old printer ribbons by lennyb
Scanner Parts Desk Lamp by jpitz31
The Flying Scrooge: Ornithopter of Household Items by royalestel
Thumb Piano by BobsDogHouse
Van de Graaff Generator made from junk by Sedgewick17

Please give a big hand to our judges, who carefully read through over 80 projects before casting their votes. Thanks to randofo, jeffreyf, evy-wevy, trebuchet03, daenris, Maddhatter3, kiteman, technick29, Herrozerro, T3h_Muffinator, sam, ewilhelm, noahw, and John and Mike from PopSci.

Winners, keep an eye on your inboxes- we'll contact you by personal message with instructions for claiming your prize.

Original contest instructions are here.


Excellent projects all around! Congrats to all the winners . . . radiorental, I'm definitely a fan of the retro-tech look! Been meaning to put this one up here, but alas, vacation called!

Thats awesome, really... you should post it up!

That looks neat! Please put it up?

What do I plan to make? Definitely DoWatt's DVD spectrometer. If it works as well as I hope, I'll be making it 20 times with my science clubbers. (BTW, it was a pig to judge this - there were a lot of quality entries)

Why thank you ! I've been meaning to put together an 'education' template to add to the solar and lighting versions I've already put together as alternates. What sort of thing would work well in that context?

My first thought is "not so much black ink" - if a school has to print out the templates they will empty their cartridges. An outline template that can be coloured by children (so they can spot their own in the pile) would be good, maybe with "how it works" diagrams on the back of the box.

Hmm, colour in templates, how it works. I'll see what I can do in my copious free time ;-) The originals were black to cut down on visual interference. I'll see what can be done.

thank you, rather timely too.. I was taking a picture of a 'friend' kitesurfing and he made an assumption that my camera was waterproof. Here's the last picture that camera took


I knew you'd win it when I saw your instructable. I thought, "That's something I'd see in Popsci."


Then on two accounts you definitely deserve it!


11 years ago

Bummer! I just published my first instructable and meant to put it up in the contest, I didn't know it was over. Well, Next time...

Congratulations to all contest winners!

I was really struggling to finish and document my project before the deadline. I congradulate all the winners, you all really deserve it.

Congrats to all, especially radiorental! :) Can't wait for my sticker/patch!

Congrats radiorental!!! :D I was so close, haha. But first place is still great. And with my first Instructable, no less. I am the Instructable master! I'm so giddy. I seriously squealed with joy. :D

We're planning to use some scrap bamboo to build trebuchet03's Pot Lid Organizer for the Instructables kitchen next week- what do you plan to make?

I hope yours looks better then mine! Perhaps bamboo from the table cut on the waterjet? That is some beautiful looking wood :D

I'm working up the courage to make a Shutter Trigger for my camera.... Both Tool Using Animal and I are tackling the same project with two very different solutions at the same time :D

What? I was robbed... Oh wait, radiorentals project is much cooler, congrats man. Ms. Tool Using Animal is looking forward to her Leatherman ;-) Hey T I missed your pot lid rack, great idea, my wife bought a wire stand and the lid handles get caught in it and it drives me nuts, I know what I'm building.

I was really hoping I'd win this one too... Especially since I had destroyed my digital camera making the video, a replacement one would have been particularly nice... I still hope our instructables get published on the "how 2.0" blog, as I could really do with the views on my vid... When's the next contest? I have a fantastic project forthcoming!